Using auto renew membership to charge money without my permission


I report Jestar charge membership card on the minight without my permission and do not refund.
And it is second time since last 4 or 5 years.

I am not be Jestar member for last 3 years and they do not have my credit card information until May of 2022
I flight with Jestar using my credit card to order.
This is the only way they have my card infomation

17 Aug around 2AM they charge 55 Aud member ship renew fee automatic and say I set my membership auto renew ,so they won't refund it , even I cancel it in the moring ASAP.

Like they say it is renew fee ,so I should be their member last year
I am 100% not their membership how can I renew it

Jetstar cheat for us and using the credit card information I buy the flights to charge the renew fee and none refund.

I believe a lot of people will wastre money ,Please stop it .