Waiting a month and a half for correspondance of jetstar taking money from my card and no flight booked!!!

I booked 2 flights with Jetstar and the 2nd flight took money from my bank acc but never processed the flight itinery confirmation. I checked online and no booking, i phoned jetstar customer service advised of my complaint demanding a credit and was told they could see the booking and would look into this. Ok i thought, then more than 2weeks later i had still no response. I phoned again to be told there was no mention of this complaint on system and i had to log this in writing on the website.
So i did and was told it would take 15days before i got a response. so then we get to over 18days later i call again at lunchtime. I am told there is no status up and i am put on hold 3 times while the staff look into it. Then they come back and pretend they cant hear me, saying hello after i do, then say sorry i cant hear you and put the phone down. I have been on the phone for 55mins and just before 1pm i get cut off because i presume them member of staff wanted to go to lunch and didnt want to look into it. Jetstar had my mobile and email details to contact me and never did!! So i rang back later at 3pm and was told there was no records again on system that i called. The staff member actually said i didnt call them since aug 14th!. No disrespect but i think i know when i had a conversation with someone, plus i can prove on phone bills!! so after going through all my problem again with yet another staff memeber, i am told that there is a "bluey" on the system for a credit but she didnt know what was happening with it and when i will receive it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! i said im am fed up of all the messing around your Jetstar are giving me and i demand a full refund on both bookings now as i have no faith in them as an airline at all. I am then told as my other flight is a starter booking it cant be refunded. I would have understood all this intially if they hadnt been so unhelpful and mess me around. they also said i will be contacted with in 15days if i log another complaint online...Well what is the point in logging another complaint when they dont even contact you in the first place. So now i am writing to commerce to take it further as i want $400 refund back for flights. I even pointed out in the comkplaint that as per there 10point complaints procedure they now owe me compensation for about 4 of their policies. As none of their complany policy was adhered to.

I will not be flying with these cow boys in the near future. abosolute joke

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine