The Website Timed Out and Restarted the Ticketing Process At the End of the Booking Process.

5 years ago - I was totally stuffed around flying from Ballina to Melbourne, and vowed never again to touch JetStar! Today, I vowed FOR A LIFETIME!!

I was on the website, clicked on a flight for $119, went straight through the details, added in address, phone number etc. Put in my credit card details and clicked Book - when "BAM" up comes a message saying, [UNAVAILABLE FLIGHT] please re-check your details...

I check everything and click go again, in frustration I clicked back and it reset the price from $119 to $159 and then minutes later from $159 to $189.

I call the customer care centre, the lady on the phone says "oh yes, sorry about that we had some technical issues this morning". Oh fine, I say, she spends 15 minutes taking me through the whole process AGAIN and then says, that will be $209 please??????

WHAT THE? I say "Hold on, you said it was a technical error and you would re book my flight".
"On no, I am terribly sorry, I can only book for the phone price today which is $209" - You can imagine the rest of the conversation!

When she said her manager was busy and would be a minute, I calmly said, do not worry I will book with another Airline I have no idea why I decided to use Jetstar today anyway, your customer service is TERRIBLE. Here is my mobile number and do not call me unless you have a solution or something to give me.


Thanks for setting this site up - YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine