Worst customer service manager - Tiare, Wellington

I booked a flight to Auckland from Wellington to catch a Qatar airways flight to India.
My flight was scheduled to fly at 9.15 pm on the 27th of August- Saturday.
I got a notification on the Jetstar app saying that the flight has been delayed and will now fly at 9.35 pm instead. I promptly checked in online which meant that I could drop off my baggage by 9.15 at the latest (30 mins rule for online checkins).

I was at the counter at 9.10 pm but there was absolutely no one around. I left my luggage with a friend of mine and managed to get through to the jet star counter at gate 22 after the friendly aviation security team let me through.

I finally got through to the jet star customer service manager Tiare who told me off for being late when I was actually not. She said she waited for an extra 5 mins before she closed the counter. I was at the aviation security queue at 9.15 pm and I could see her at the gate. I don’t understand how she could be at the gate when she claimed to have been at the counter closing it. She disagreed with this when I raised this point and started getting quite defensive. I begged her to let me in and she looks at my face and goes -‘have you not heard of September 11’. Yes I have a beard and I’m a kiwi of Indian origin but does that give her the right to make such disgusting comments!

She refused to even book me into another flight(which she initially agreed to do)! I ended up wasting my time debating with someone who have absolutely no passion helping others. If you ask me , I would say she is in the wrong trade and that she is an absolute disgrace to this country for making such unacceptable racist comments!

When I said I wanted to make a complaint, she immediately wrote her name down. The look on her face tells me that she’s confident that nothing will be done by the management to address her unethical behaviours!

New Zealand-Wellington
New Zealand-Auckland