Xmas Cheer Jetstar

Goodbye Jetstar…

Like vultures skimming a carcass.
Two kilograms over carry-on-baggage and slugged $65

1kg water and 1kg Xmas gift. Told the wolves that I am half the weight of other passengers and my main baggage was 7kg under their limit.

…..well perhaps they should.

And No offer to remove water from my bottle

Spend at least 2k on domestic tickets with them every year. Account now closed and off to Virgin Airlines for this despicable Xmas Eve lack of compassion.

Short sighted Jetstar HR… this is how you kill loyal customers

If you had great IT systems, you would have known your gross takings from my previous bookings, had my bodyweight and main baggage weight at your fingertips

You win $65 but lose 2k per annum every year for the rest of my domestic travelling life.

It gets worse,

As I was ill, I cancelled my car booking through JetStar which apparently charged my credit card the full car hire period for 10 days and the funds taken from a company in Dublin Ireland, with no phone number or contact details to discuss my reimbursement.

So, for their car hire, they will have this foreign company debit 100% of your car hire fee (not a deposit but the full fare before you even arrive in your destination airport) So there is also no email address nor phone number to contact in relation to your refund. How despicable is this, so now I need to call JetStar after Xmas and probably have to deal with cancellation fees due to illness if I can reach anyone. Any other car hire company will hold a deposit not charge the full rate on booking.

A sad day dealing with JetStar and termination a long-term relationship without any loyalty from them, they should be ashamed of themselves.

I do hope one of their senior execs or HR reads this and does something about loyalty and reconsider some weigh-in boarding time discretion.

No reason not to know passenger weight and main baggage weight and review their punitive decisions. This must be out of desperation or greed…. Certainly not loyalty

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