Travel Alert - About G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Security - Japan (English)

About G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Security

Last Updated: 14/11/2019 11:08 AM

On November 22nd (Friday) and 23rd
(Saturday / holiday) 2019, G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers
Meeting will be held in
Nagoya City. Several domestic and foreign dignitaries and journalists will be
visiting Nagoya City. Around the meeting, large-scale traffic regulations are
planned for the city center of Nagoya and the city
highways. Due to expected heavy road traffic, travel by train is strongly

As for Centrair, since several foreign officials come and leave Japan through
it, the airport is planning to strengthen its security guards during the period
of the meeting. Baggage inspection will be conducted from November 21
to 24
th when entering the terminal. please arrive early to the
airport as check-in and boarding procedures may take longer due to increased
airport security.

Please use convenient
online check-in to avoid hassle. If you don’t have any
checked in baggage, you can go straight to the boarding gate via security

We appreciate your understanding and

Please visit
Central Japan International Airport website for detail.

(Last updated: 14 Nov, 2019, 20:00)