Travel Alert - Domestic Travel Restrictions - Australia (English)

Domestic Travel Restrictions

Last Updated: 04/08/2020 06:16 AM

State border travel restrictions are constantly changing. Restrictions may include mandatory entry permits, pre-approval and quarantine (possibly at your own expense), or you could be denied entry. 

The use of masks at the airport and for the duration of flights to and from Melbourne is mandatory and it is strongly recommended on all other routes. Please see the link to our FAQs at the bottom of this Travel Alert for more information. 

For travel within Australia please review the below border restrictions to ensure you can meet the conditions of entry.

State or Territory Travel updates & entry requirements

Australian Capital Territory COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

New South Wales COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

Northern Territory COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

Queensland COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

South Australia COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

Tasmania COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

Victoria COVID-19 updates

Western Australia COVID-19 updates

Travel documentation

Extra Support for customers impacted by travel restrictions:

If you are traveling in or out of Victoria between now and 13 September, you are eligible to cancel your booking and obtain a credit voucher to the value of the booking.
To request a voucher, go to Manage Booking and follow these easy steps. We'll email the voucher to you within 14 business days.

  • Click on the 'Find out More' button
  • Select 'Check flight Options' button
  • Click 'View other Options' button
  • Select 'Request reimbursement' button

Alternatively, you may wish to wait to see if your flight is impacted by Jetstar’s current network review, in which case Jetstar will contact you directly in the coming days with a range of options, which depending on the circumstances may include a refund.

Have a question about flight cancellations, changing flights or vouchers?

Please also read our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Help ease travel restrictions faster with the Australian Government's COVIDSafe App

We encourage all Australians to download and activate the COVIDSafe app.

The app helps state and territory officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to the virus. It’s easy, it’s secure and ultimately, it will mean less restrictions, which will let us all travel again sooner.

The COVIDSafe app also gives you extra reassurance if you are travelling. For more information and to download the app head here.