Travel Alert - For passengers travelling to Japan on 30 Sept - Japan (English)

For passengers travelling to Japan on 30 Sept

Last Updated: 29/09/2018 02:32 PM


For Passengers Travelling in Japan on Sunday 30 September

Due to a severe Typhoon (Trami) heading towards western Japan, Jetstar has
cancelled a number of international and domestic flights to and from Kansai
International Airport (Osaka), Narita International Airport (Tokyo) and
Chubu International Airport (Nagoya) on Sunday 30 September. A full list of
cancelled flights is below.

If your flight has been cancelled, you will be contacted directly via sms
and email with alternative options. Please ensure your contact details are
up to date by visiting the Manage My Booking page.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will advise if there are any
further changes to our flight schedule. This Travel Alert will be updated
regularly with the latest information.

Full list of cancelled International flights on Sunday 30 September:

· JQ15 Cairns to Osaka

· 3K723 Taipei to Osaka

· 3K763 Manila to Osaka

· 3K721 Taipei to Osaka

· GK64 Hong Kong to Osaka

· JQ16 Osaka to Cairns

· 3K724 Osaka to Taipei

· 3K764 Osaka to Manila

· 3K722 Osaka to Taipei

· GK63 Osaka to Hong Kong

Full list of cancelled domestic flights on Sunday 30 September:

  • GK621 Narita to Kagoshima
  • GK601 Narita to Oita
  • GK411 Narita to Takamatsu
  • GK203 Narita to Osaka
  • GK643 Narita to Nagasaki
  • GK405 Narita to Matsuyama
  • GK207 Narita to Osaka
  • GK415 Narita to Takamatsu
  • GK417 Narita to Takamatsu
  • GK211 Narita to Osaka

  • GK312 Okinawa to Narita
  • GK410 Takamatsu to Narita
  • GK600 Oita to Narita
  • GK620 Kagoshima to Narita
  • GK642 Nagasaki to Narita
  • GK404 Matsuyama to Narita
  • GK204 Osaka to Narita
  • GK416 Takamatsu to Narita
  • GK418 Takamatsu to Narita
  • GK210 Osaka to Narita

  • GK355 Osaka to Okinawa
  • GK555 Osaka to Fukuoka
  • GK157 Osaka to New Chitose
  • GK359 Osaka to Okinawa

  • GK350 Okinawa to Osaka
  • GK150 New Chitose to Osaka
  • GK554 Fukuoka to Osaka
  • GK354 Okinawa to Osaka
  • GK156 New Chitose to Osaka
  • GK358 Okinawa to Osaka

  • GK691 Nagoya to Kagoshima
  • GK383 Nagoya to Okinawa
  • GK185 Nagoya to New Chitose
  • GK697 Nagoya to Kagoshima

  • GK690 Kagoshima to Nagoya
  • GK584 Fukuoka to Nagoya
  • GK384 Okinawa to Nagoya
  • GK186 New Chitose to Nagoya
  • GK696 Kagoshima to Nagoya

     (Last updated: September 29, 2018 at 17:55)