“Cancelled flight” not really cancelled - price gouging

Purchased a flight for myself and my children to Penang at a bargain price months ago. Email from Jetstar 48 hours notice that the flight was cancelled due to engineering problem. Flight to Singapore is actually flying and is fully booked. Jetstar refused to allow me on the “cancelled flight” and offered a refund or a flight 17 days later. Too bad our family reunion and wedding will be over. Thought the email was just a checkin reminder as it did not have cancelled in title. No sms. First and last time booking jetstar. Believe this is price gouging. Beware of their bargain prices - they “cancel” your flight without remorse. Managed after 4 hours to get flights at 3 times the price on a bargain basement airline from Avalon. Will miss first day of holiday. NEVER BOOK OR FLY WITH JETSTAR.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine



International flight with transfer.
Indonesia (Medan) to Singapore to Melbourne

Singapore to Melbourne flight was cancelled less than 24 hours citing engine issues.
No customer service provided and had to pay for another flight for the Singapore to Melbourne leg.

What was really annoying is that when arrived in Singapore, was told by Qantas check in staff that I had double booking. All the passenger on the cancelled jetstar flight had been moved to Qantas flight. So the engine problem is obviously a big lie.

Now asking Jetstar to refund my Qantas flight cost. Received a refund, but it is for the cancelled Jetstar flight which is obviously cheaper than Qantas. And they did not even refund the credit card transaction fee.

Not happy!

Jetstar left two solo female

Jetstar left two solo female passengers to hitch-hike home last night. One from Coollangatta to Brisbane and one from Coollangatta to Ballina. Jetstar cancelled and delayed lots of flights yesterday. In my case, it left me having to make my own way home to Brisbane from the Gold Coast between 10 pm and 12.30 am in the early hours of Tuesday morning. On the same flight, I witnessed another woman who had to hitch-hike home to Ballina