2 flights cancelled and baggage lost in 1 week

First, they cancelled my flight from Bali to Sydney on 11 December.
Next, they cancelled my flight from Sydney to Auckland on 18 December.
Finally, they flew from Sydney on 19 December, but they left my checked baggage in Sydney.

I have NEVER flown Jetstar pre-pandemic because I know of its terrible reputation (and also of that one time, Jetstar refused to let me check in, even though I arrived 2 minutes late after being stuck in traffic).
But the 2022 flight prices have been terrible, so I gave up my values to save a few hundred dollars, but I have never experienced such incompetence before, as if these people at Jetstar chronically don't know how to do the jobs they are paid to do. Why am I paying as if I'm circumnavigating the world, for such poorly executed admin service.

In Bali, they cancelled our flight and moved me onto my friend's flight the next day. But because everyone on my old flight was moved to the next day, they ended up kicking my friend and everyone originally on his plane off due to "engineering issues", and the next Jetstar flight out of Bali was not for 2 days. Furthermore, there was no Jetstar representative at all, just a Bali airport worker who was just as confused about the situation, and was very apologetic about how the negligence of Jetstar which was not answering any calls.

In Sydney, it became clear that our boarding time was very very delayed. Once we were finally boarding and waiting in line, the staff rushed us saying there was only 15 MINUTES for us to go to our seats and for the plane to leave. This is because Auckland Airport has a CURFEW for arriving planes. When we were ALL IN OUR SEATS ON THE PLANE, Jetstar made an announcement that Auckland Airport called to say they cannot land a plane tonight, thus, they have to cancel the flight.

TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE of Jetstar to DELAY EVERYTHING, BE POORLY ORGANISED, and "somehow" not understand that it was too late for them to catch up on time, until the last moment. They should have informed us the flight was cancelled earlier, like, before we came to the airport ideally. So we all had to get off the plane, and wait to get our baggage from the bag claim, and go through customs.

The next day, our flight finally took off. Firstly, the lady who did my check-in at Jetstar got so confused when I told her my flight, she didn't know it existed. Something must have happened, where she printed my baggage tag wrong for my checked baggage, because the baggage never left Sydney.

I waited at baggage claim for an hour, and freaked when my baggage containing essential medicines, Christmas gifts, expensive shoes, my stethoscope and almost all my clothes was not there. Now all the items I use every day are in the hands of Jetstar, and I am mortified. I am going to call them tomorrow. I absolutely hate Karens, and I think service workers deserve better respect, but I am going to go all Karen on Jetstar tomorrow, and demand that if they don't find my baggage, that they must fire the bespectacled lady at K-14 or K-15 (next to the Service desk).

I gave Jetstar a chance for two trips, and it failed miserably.

I just HATE how there is nothing that holds Jetstar truly accountable - they will keep having business because people always are looking for cheaper flight tickets, and there are many who can't afford a few hundred more for Air New Zealand and Qantas. It's such a shame, that we hold most other industries more accountable than the flight industry.

I want to wish the worst on whoever designed and maintains the horrid admin structure that makes Jetstar so worthy of hell.

New Zealand-Auckland


My flight from Perth to

My flight from Perth to Brisbane has been changed 3 times now 22hrs to get to Brisbane nowxwe are going via Melbourne and now via port Lincoln … ridiculous 😡