2 x Cancellations to Bali

Jetstar are Criminals masquerading as an Airline. I booked in November 2021 to fly Cairns to Bali, they took my money and confirmed the booking. 1st Feb went online and saw my Flights had been cancelled, no notification at all. Rang Jetstar and got the Philipines they lied to me and said they notified me in December 2021 of the cancellation, absolute rubbish. He then got smart with me telling me I agreed with Terms and Conditions. He said I could fly from Cairns to Melbourne arriving 1250pm, then catch a Flight to Melb - Bali at 1005 the next day, they expected me to do a 4hr flight arrive in Melb sleep on the Airport Floor and the fly 6hrs Melb - Bali. I said shove it cancel my flight and book me Melb - Bali and I would fly to Melb the day before stay in Hotel at my own expense then fly to Bali. They refused that option and offered a credit, I lost it and they hung up on me !!

Booked Melb - Bali unfortunately only option Jetstar, but Virgin Flight to Melb (no way Jetstar). 8 Feb 22, logged on and Jetstar had canceled my Melb - Bali but left my return to trip to Melb. Again no notice at all, went online the Jess scam and waited an hour with repeat Msg "please hang on". Rang Jetstar finally got help and I refused Voucher, cash refund only, threatened ACA and Consumer Affairs, got a refund that will take 15 days to refund, purchase processed immediately !!!! If not for ACA they would still be lying to Consumers and telling them you can only have a Voucher !!!

I will never travel Jetstar again, I hope others will follow, no wonder Joyce gets so much money and Qantas make such a profit, they have been pocketing our money and collecting interest on it while we wait to use our so called Vouchers, plus they save on fuel and staff costs. COVID has been a money maker for Qantas, no other Business gets to rip its Customers off like this. Maybe Scomo get free flights for him and his other Blood sucking Pollie buddies. Shame Qantas calls Australia home, when will we get some competition in our Country on not ripped off like we are at present ???

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


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