$270 excess baggage - disgusting

My grandmother was forced to pay $270 for excess baggage when she was informed at time of purchase that the ammount of baggage she had wouldn't be a problem. Will never be flying Jetstar again.

Australia-Gold Coast


$270 is A LOT of excess

$270 is A LOT of excess baggage. I don't think it is really fair to blame an airline if you are carrying 15 kilograms more baggage than you have paid for in the ticket price.

It doesn't take much to read the baggage allowances from your ticket/itinerary/travel agent documents before you leave home.

Perhaps Kazzzz- people don't

Perhaps Kazzzz- people don't expect to be charged $18 a Kilo.. especially grandmothers travelling on what was probably a <$100 fare.. it's called gouging and it's opportunistic and despicable...

it amazes me how some can

it amazes me how some can complain after agreeing to terms and conditions.. doesnt matter if the passenger was 18 or 70. same rules apply for everyone. The website has all excess baggae charges covered on it. whether she was to pre purchase it or at the airport. STOP WHINGING

@ Anonymous - It amazes you

@ Anonymous - It amazes you does it? Well how many times have you upgraded software online and just clicked 'accept'- never having read the terms and conditions. In fact the Microsoft T&C's could actually include the promise to 'sacrifice your first born' you Anonymous would never know because most people don't read these.

Secondly - even when people abide by these unfair T&C's - isn't it perfectly OK in a free society for people to complain and warn others about these unfair practices? Or is it that you want to gag everyone in the name of big corporate profit.

And in fact - many older folk in society just don't understand such business practices. They are easy targets for this gouging.

The banks have reduced bank fees after a class action suit, because legally they aren't allowed to charge much more than the actual cost of such a service- I can't wait for a class action against Jetstar - $18 a kilo in no way reflects the true cost of excess baggage.

Phil you are full of the same

Phil you are full of the same old crap. We've heard your bank comparison before. You're right, I don't read the T's & C's for computer products, however if something happened to my disadvantage that was within the T's & C's I wouldn't go bitching about it. It was my fault.
And for f&^ks sake, don't single out Jetstar's excess baggage charges. EVERY airline has ridiculous excess baggage charges. If you can't afford it, don't fly! Or don't take as much crap with you.

@ Lima - so when come

@ Lima - so when come corporation takes advantage of you.. you just quietly pay and walk away and say nothing to no-one?

People are entitled to free speech and to write about bad experiences and corporate practices that they feel are unfair, AND WARN OTHERS of these despicable practices.

Can't afford it? the woman PAID! clearly she could afford it- the point is why should she?

No reasonable person would expect such charges. Who wants this for Australian Tourism?? It's Australian Corporate trickery.

I'm sorry but excess baggage

I'm sorry but excess baggage is expensive across all airlines world wide. I really do think you're full of garbage, and I don't mean this in an offense way. I have read your previous posts regarding your complaint about currency when you tried to pay or something. I think people like you enjoy whinging and the thrill of it all.

Sorry Lima - you are 100%

Sorry Lima - you are 100% percent wrong.
Take for instance Air Asia.. you can carry on 7Kg and also buy a check-in bag at 15kg, 20kg or even 25kg.
At anytime after the initial booking you can log on to the website and change your booking and increase the baggage if you need it.

What happens with Jetstar? You have to call them and wait for minutes and hours and get charged with a customer service fee, and if you naively think you can just pay at the airport they slog you with $18 a kilo (according to this complaint). Virgin charge $15 a kilo according to their website- but then again they also give you a generous 25Kg check-in in the first place.

The thing is that many travelers simply do not know- and they get caught out. This is why this website is so valuable to people if it gets the message across. Jetstar won't change their procedures - not whilst they're bathing in all the profits. Jetstar seem to have no interest in responding to customer complaints either- the standard boilerplate email advising to wait a minimum of 15+ working days. I think there would be no need for this website if Jetstar simply responded promptly to complaints.

The very last time I flew with Jetstar - I went to the airport chanting to myself 'don't get into a fight' - of course at check-in the girl queried my small backpack as well as single carry on.. I told her it was a bag for my passport, book and iPod- like a woman would have a handbag- she wasn't happy and insisted I weigh both bags. It came out at 3 Kg over for both, so I told her I felt cold and removed my leather jacket from my carry-on suitcase and put it on - this reduced the total to a little under 1 Kg over and she let me pass.. I could see how disappointed she was- just plain nasty... On the return journey I lined up in Sydney at check-in for more than an hour. The staff were obviously overworked and seemed to be trying desperately to check everyone in. The check-in line snaked through the foyer and clogged up a doorway making it impossible for passengers to enter Sydney terminal via that door. I'm not sure how many travelers missed their flight that day - they didn't call a single passenger out of the line to express check them in.
With Australia having a reputation as being a happy friendly country to visit- I just wonder how Australian tourism will recover with such greedy and short-sighted corporate behaviour.
In my experience (I fly about 80 times per year) Air Asia leaves Jetstar for dead- and as an Australian I find that disappointing.

It also seems that no matter how people criticise Jetstar (rightly or wrongly) - there are a significant group of what must be Jetstar employees (like you Lima) that start singing some well chanted song about whingers.. with a company culture where the staff look at the customers as being whingers.. it's a travesty. What I cannot understand is why Jetstar employees get angry with the customers, then they should be angry with their own management.

At least most bank employees had the honesty and decency to admit that the banks were greedy and gouging when it came to bank fees- I didn’t ever hear a single bank employee use the word whinger.

Firstly... Virgin give 23kg

Firstly... Virgin give 23kg of check in baggage (not 25) and 7kg carry on. Jetstar of course is 20kg check in and 10kg carry on. Last time I checked, 23 + 7, and 20 + 10 both added up to 30??? Wow very generous of Virgin...

Secondly... Sure some customers have legitimate complaints, and there's definitely always going to be room for improvement (this is the case for many companies, not only Jetstar). In my experience however a large portion of complaints are over ridiculous things such as not getting the seats they wanted, a staff member not smiling at them, missing check in, paying excess baggage, paying a seat selection fee, paying a credit card fee, having to pay to change the flight date/name... the list goes on and on. People in general don't accept any responsibility for their own choices/purchases and are simply put, whingers.

Furthermore if you take the

Furthermore if you take the time to check http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/travel-info/at-the-airport.aspx#bag it states for Australian domestic flights the rate is $15 per kilo. If I'm not mistaken, seems to be identical to Virgin.

OK Lima so can I translate

OK Lima so can I translate your comments into 'customer english' - just so you get the point-

1) I made a mistake of 2Kg in my Virgin description - so shoot me. Jetstar @ $18 Kg are still 20% more expensive with excess baggage than Virgin's $15/kg. How come there's no website 'Don't fly Virgin'? maybe because they do a better job at dealing with complaints

So name an improvement Jetstar has made in the past 12 months? Qantas the parent has been in the airline industry for 90 years. Jetstar is operating exactly the way Jetstar management want it to.

2) regarding your "large portion of complaints are over ridiculous things such as"-
a) not getting the seats they PAID FOR
b) a staff member not smiling at them - then being argumentative and kicking them off the flight needlessly (ie: Jon Stevens SMH Jan 27 2011)
c) missing check in - this could well be a customer problem - but as I've already outlined- my last flight with Jetstar the check in line was more than 1 hour long and occupied most of the foyer of Sydney airport. Staffing levels are obviously designed to have passengers fail check-in.
d) paying a credit card fee- credit cards charge about 2.5% - Jetstar charges significantly more. In Vietnam they tried to charge me US$24 FOR PAYING CASH!

In our view Jetstar simply do not accept any responsibility for their corporate behaviour and not a small number of the staff seem to be rude. Calling customers whingers is unprofessional and just down-right lazy.

@ Lima - on second thoughts..

@ Lima - on second thoughts.. yes you are right. Jetstar are absolutely right in charging or doing anything they want and many Jetstar customers are obviously stupid whingers.. I don't get a toaster for trying to reason with Jetstar staff on this website- they are so self righteous about their companies practices and behaviours - I just give up!

I think it's great to live in a world where terms and conditions take precedence over basic honesty and good will. I think it's fantastic that the world was struck down with failure of the subprime market leaving millions of people losing money and homeless.. Those stupid people shouldn't have borrowed the money or needed to live in houses anyhow.

And if Jetstar can use their lawyers to craft terms and conditions and management practices to squeeze another $270 out of someone's Grandmother - it's a fine thing we've got going.. in the mean time whilst Jetstar management enjoy their multi-million dollar bonuses.. please keep working diligently in your minimum wage call centre position (or some such) OK?

I have nothing more to say on this subject.

There should be a DISCLAIMER

There should be a DISCLAIMER WARNING for people who find solace in putting their complaints on this website because no-one bothers to listen in real life.. it should say: WARNING: Jetstar employees read this website and will try to further disrespect you even after all you have had to deal with. So upon reading first few words of their posts, quickly go into *IGNORE MODE* and don't entertain their ramblings. This site, after all, is DontFlyJetstar.com which clearly implies that no Jetstar employees or anyone else affiliated with them, are at all welcome. So don't let their opinions affect you. Their words are completely and utterly WORTHLESS.

Phil: I don't know where you

Phil: I don't know where you got $18 a kilo from. The poster was charged $270 and Kaz wrote that they were carrying 15 kilos more than allowed. It actually would have been 18kg. If you take the time to check their website it states for Australian domestic flights the rate for excess baggage is $15 per kilo. If I'm not mistaken this seems to be in line with virgin blues charge, and $5 less than tiger.

I simply do not agree with you on moat things that you mentioned. Seats are a preference only, not guaranteed. If you people knew anything about running an airline you would understand why this is the case. I'm not going to comment on everything else except that I don't necessarily agree with the credit card fees, however they are unreasonably high with all airlines. I also agree that it is ridiculous that you should have to pay a fee to pay cash. I don't know much about that procedure with jetstar pacific to be honest.

As for the grandmother, it has already been commented that it doesnt matter what age you are. Same rules apply to everybody. Airlines are not charities. And not that my wage is of any concern to you, however I can assure you I am not a Filipino call centre operator nor airport ground/cabin crew. I do pretty well for myself, thank you for your concern.

@ Lima - I don't want to

@ Lima - I don't want to discuss this anymore. If you think this cowboy behaviour is befitting of a division of Australia's oldest air carrier.. there's nothing else I can say.

I know instances of electrical store sales staff and door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen that pry on the elderly.. I cannot believe for a moment that the woman arrived at the airport with a total of 48Kgs of baggage.. I suspect she could have separated 10Kgs to carry on, but let's face it- some Jetstar check in counter staff paid commission when charging for excess baggage is hardly going to provide some old woman travel tips. It's nothing to do with age.. it's everything to do with treating weaker people with just a bit more consideration and respect.. maybe this will mean more to you sometime in the future when you are old, or some weaker person close to you gets taken advantage by someone. The measure of a society is how the weakest are treated.

I'm sorry - you simply don't get it. You don't understand what I'm on about and I simply don't see the point in trying.

Phil I absolutely know what

Phil I absolutely know what you're talking about and I absolutely do not condone prying on the elderly or disadvantaged. Unfortunately without actually being there on the day or seeing system records of baggage weights it is impossible on this site to verify how mich baggage she had. If she had been charged more than what she was carrying then of course I don't agree without.

What gets me most is yours and everyones criticism of Jetstars excess baggage rates which are no different to any other carrier and in fact less than Tigers. What's the point in bitching about Jetstars excess baggage rates on a website like this saying "I'll never fly jetstar again" when they will pay the same with anyone else.

well Lima - that's the

well Lima - that's the purpose of the website- it's a place to share your Jetstar complaints.

When people pay $90 for a ticket.. they don't expect to get slogged an additional $270 for a small bag... it's human and logical to think this way, I think one needs an education at Jetstar training school to think otherwise.

Well Phil now I think it is

Well Phil now I think it is you who simply doesn't get it. When people pay $90 for a ticket, they shouldn't expect the airline to throw in an additional 18Kg excess baggage above their 20kg allowance. As I said, its the same rates at Virgin, more at Tiger. The included baggage allowance is on the itinerary, the website, and the excess baggage rates are readily available on the website as well. It is not the airlines fault that people do not do their research and weigh their luggage. It IS the airlines fault IF as we mentioned earlier they are taking advantage of the disadvantaged. As the poster L. Murphy makes no mention of the weight, and has nothing to back it up, there is no way to verify the weight on this forum.

Yes Lima - Jetstar should get

Yes Lima - Jetstar should get company of the year award.. and L Murphy must have made the complaint just to tarnish Jetstar's obviously gleaming public reputation

Can we give this topic up now? I know what the terms and conditions SAY .. I just don't happen to AGREE with them.

So you think anyone should be

So you think anyone should be able to carry as much baggage as they want all for the same priced ticket?
Perhaps go and let every other airline know as well that you don't agree with their excess baggage rates.

Truce? (holding my breath)

Lima - I think NO ONE should

Lima - I think NO ONE should EVER pay $90 (?) plus $270 for ANY economy ticket and ANY suitcase on a 1 hour Jetstar flight.

In my experience other airlines do deals with excess baggage, Jetstar seems to count and charge for every kilo. I've said before - I think if Jetstar were better at dealing with complaints - there'd be no need for this website and such discontent with their service. Jetstar are very strict with customers - but seemingly not strict when it comes to their own performance.

And I don't believe the public should EVER suck up what big corporations throw at unsuspecting consumers. Especially ones that enjoy a near monopoly on the market.

Working in the Jetstar call centre I think you're suffering Stockholm syndrome

Best of luck - please go out and find a better company to work for.

Phil I have already told you

Phil I have already told you I am not a call centre worker. Why is it that people on this site only choose to believe/take in what they want to? Selective hearing I guess...

I would LOVE to see you or anyone else for that matter book a flight with the likes of Tiger Airways, Easy Jet, Ryan Air etc (all well known budget carriers) and see what kind of "deal" they make for your excess baggage regardless how short the flight is. I have tried negotiating myself with Tiger and it doesn't work. As for the others, be my guest. Virgin I can not speak for because they are gradually aiming at a more corporate market and charge more for fares.

Personally I think anyone carrying 38 kilos of baggage regardless if traveling on Jetstar, Emirates, Singapore Airlines etc should expect to be hit hard with excess baggage. They should also consider perhaps sending some by freight, which of course would also be expensive.

You said you didn't work in a

You said you didn't work in a Filipino call centre, that didn't mean you didn't work in an Australian one.

So Ryan Air set the standard of travel in Australia now? Can't we have better? Qantas have been in business for 90 years and we're opting for the Ryan Air school of business. If you work in the airline business- you should be projectile vomiting at the suggestion.

A few years ago I was a big Jetstar advocate. I've booked hundreds of seats with Jetstar. I'd book tickets for friends that had difficulties with online transactions and I'd worked out where the best deals were. I've booked hundreds of Jetstar seats for myself, and hundreds for my family and employees. This all changed for me when it was impossible for me to pay for a ticket and I received despicable customer service from Jetstar Pacific staff. I wrote two letters to Bruce Buchanan, waited months and nothing happened. I thought Australian management for an Australian company would care about flaws in their system and rude behavior of staff. I also had flights cancelled, having to buy expensive last minute tickets with other airlines, then found Jetstar refunds took months to process. Expensive experiences and a poor experiences. Since then I've learned that their behaviour seems far too common and the Jetstar practices are actually profitable for the company- probably intentional. Good manners cost nothing, and cover a multitude of sins when you're running a business. No matter the problem, Jetstar seem to lead with the notion that it's the customers fault, and that any fee is justifiable if it's in the terms and conditions. It seems that Jetstar regard good manners as optional or a luxury. I don't regard this to be true in any industry, anytime, anywhere or at any price.

I don't believe some elderly woman carried 48 kilos for a trip to the Gold Coast. I think she was cheated in this instance. I have no way of proving this- I don't know the people.

I shouldn't waste my time on this website. Seems every day there's a new sucker paying Jetstar too much, and some Jetstar person defending the way they do business. Jetstar like McDonalds is a junk business.. profitable, but hardly admirable. I don't use or recommend either actually. In my view they are the Fox News of Australian Air travel.

LOL! man, Phil just kept

LOL! man, Phil just kept owning Lima! nice one phil! lima dosnt have shit!!
PS, lima is the name of a city in africa, not the name of a person! get a real name lima!

Remmy perhaps you can aspire

Remmy perhaps you can aspire to one day reach the intelligence of either Lima or Phil... or just anybody older than 15.

Speaking of intelligence:

Speaking of intelligence: Lima's the capital of Peru, which last time I looked was not in Africa. Gripper!!

Phil.... your a

Phil.... your a moran.....

Jetstar chargers $15 / kilo, has a 20kg checked baggage allowance with a 10kg carry-on baggae allowance

Virgin has a 23kg checked baggage allowance with a 7kg carry-on baggage allowance...

Get your fact right first u D wit....

Phil get a life... even

Phil get a life... even better maybe get a job... you seem to let this page run your life....

Yes MD, some grandmother

Yes MD, some grandmother arrived at Jetstar checkin either with 28Kg of baggage or 48Kg of baggage- and pigs fly too. I've already admitted on this post that I have no proof- but it seems likely she was cheated. No Jetstar staff member paid COMMISSION for charging excess baggage is going suggest to some old lady to separate 10Kgs so the deal would be cheaper (or some such).

You must work for Jetstar- as 10 or 20 minutes a day on a website is hardly 'running someones life'. Obviously writing a small email is some time consuming chore for you.

Maybe I object to the fact that Jetstar was borne of Qantas, and Qantas was borne of TAA - which was a government airline. So Australian tax dollars have contributed to giving corporate birth to this sheisty operation that charge unreasonable fees and reschedule and cancel flights at their whim.

Some people want to save the whales- I want ordinary Aussies to get a decent, honest and fair budget carrier- so shoot me. Now stop being some patsy for some large corporate money machine and start thinking about what sort of Australia you want to live in. One that permits powerful duopolies to cheat ordinary people with their carefully crafted lawyer terms and conditions- or something that is far more reasonable.

Incidentally the word is

Incidentally the word is MORON..

shut the fuck up phil.

shut the fuck up phil.

Clever comment Anonymous..

Clever comment Anonymous.. very convincing argument there..

phil your an idiot and i have

phil your an idiot and i have no idea why you think it's unfair that she was charged what she was!
it states clearly what your allowed when booking your chosen fare.
it's just unfair to the other thousands of people that have to pay the same fees for excess!
it would jus be like you getting pulled up for speeding!you know what speed your allowed to drive but you chose to speed so you get fined.stop bitching and get a life!!

Thanks LV - do you think you

Thanks LV - do you think you could make a point without levelling an insult at the person you are debating? Qantas charge $10 a kilo, Jetstar charge $15 per kilo ... hey those budget airlines are really cheap. Anything else?

jetstar used to charge $10 a

jetstar used to charge $10 a kilo they only changed it at the end on 2010.
the only reason qantas can get away with charging $10 is because they make up for it in the price of their fares.
i have no idea what your argument is!

thanks for the history

thanks for the history lesson.. OK to make it simple.. a BUDGET airline by name should be cheaper correct? So most people would be surprised to wind up paying MUCH MORE than a full service airline because of a few Kg's of extra baggage.. in fact it's sort of natural to think this way.. Yes we know that Jetstar do this.. and pleeeaaasse spare us the T&C's lecture.. but the person travelling on this complaint obviously didn't know about this SCAM (at the time), now does and someone has written the complaint to warn others. Either way it doesn't justify this practice- I know you will disagree because you obviously believe in all of the Jetstar Terms and Conditions- but we think otherwise..

@ Phil, You have obviously

@ Phil,

You have obviously been thru some bad experiences.. I agree with all you guys one way or another. It is sh*thouse they charge sooo dam much for excess and people should be made aware of excess charges from the company when booking a ticket-and not just have extra charges included in fine small print, but made so everyone is aware of them. There could maybe be some excess baggage service at the airport independant of the airlines providing an alternative option (there are these services available- but Im pretty sure not more than 5% of people would know this and for example at our local airport these services are not even on airport grounds).
However all travellers flying via plane have a responsibility to find those kinds of things out.. Surely it is common sense that everybody travelling will not be permitted to take as much luggage as they want..makes sense right? Limited space, the knowledge that the plane has to get off the ground etc..
Lol just thought Ill provoke someone else now, but why should this elderly lady, or anyone else for that matter have had to pay excess at all if the combined personal and luggage weight was under a certain total? Fat people on planes ANNOY THE LIVING SH$T out of people like me! I weigh 70 kgs- Why the F*$K should i have to pay excess baggage when the difference in our weights seperate to luggage is 60 or 70kg? Yep thats PC bullsh!t! Surely the fair way to do it would be to weigh everything! if each person was allowed a total weight (you and your luggage) soooooo many fit healthy people would benefit. I mean hey- even MCDs have had to change their menus to include healthy choices as obesity is a worldwide problem! Why can't airlines take a stance to encourage being fit and healthy?
Yep before I hear it from anyone else, i do not proclaim to be right. I don't expect everyone to agree, nor could I care less if you don't. I hate political correctness, and it amuses me how often people confuse it for moral correctness. Unfortunately often the things that are morally correct are not PC and vise versa..
Haha have fun with that people :P

Jetstar pulls a bait and

Jetstar pulls a bait and switch! Our ticket said unlimited baggage. They still proceeded to charge 270 dollars. That's a crock of $#@!.

Customer service was non existent even though we produced the documentation. No other airline gave us that much crap.

By the way, the weight limit is bogus anyway. They only charge that because they can. Not because there is some real weight problem. If the plane is that weight sensitive, it shouldn't fly.

And before the trolls start their comments, if an airline confirmations. says one thing, then the airline doesnnot follow it, that's robbery, not the customer being wrong.