5 Minutes Late to Check-In

I type this as my flight JQ286 has left literally minutes ago- without me.

I arrived 5 minutes after the check-in time and walked to the self check-in counters, only to find that the flight was no longer on the screen. I walked up to the Jetstar counter and asked if they would be so kind as to check me in- I was told that I was "5 minutes late" and that the next available flight would be at 4pm (my flight left at 6:55am, I was at the airport just a couple of minutes after 6:25am).

I had to spend over 300NZD to purchase a last-minute flight with Air New Zealand.

Those Jetstar twats just stood there, knowing full well that they could have checked me in as I was only a couple of minutes late! To add insult to the injury, the flight was paging for passengers well after I had spoken with those two muppets. I called the Jetstar 0800 number (couldn't find an e-mail address to send a flaming e-mail to) only to be told that I should have been at the airport AN HOUR before the flight departed.

Fuck Jetstar. Fuck their deceptively low airfares. Fly with them and you'll inevitably end up spending a good deal more than what it would have cost you to fly with a proper airline in the first fucking place.

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Sorry mate but that would

Sorry mate but that would happen with most other full fare airlines. Sadly this is not Jetstars fault.
Pretty much everyone who flies knows to be at the airport "early" be it 2-3hrs for international or atleast 40mins for domestic with no luggage. Its printed on your tickets.

I fly every month for work back and forth from Vietnam to Australia, Though one time I was working in Thailand, My hotel driver took me to the wrong airport when I needed to be at Don Muang for Thai Airways domestic, I did get checked in some 30mins after check in closed and yet there were still more people boarding the plane after me. Different country and culture I guess.



Jet star has the worst

Jet star has the worst customer service I know! I phoned the customer service centre to change a booking well within the ticket rules guidelines, wrote down the customer service reps name ,new seat numbers , new date. The booking number was the same. Tried to confirm the flights a couple of weeks before I was due to fly, the booking had been cancelled. Email
Phoned and emailed customer service, no response, got onto then state manager who instigated an investigation which has taken over three months. The facts are the because I cannot give them an exact time that I rang, they have no record of my call despite me giving them the name of the customer rep. Poor form jetstar! This was my first and last time I will use Jetstar, you just get what you pay for!!!! Should change their name to Rip Off Airlines !!!

In the end you made the right

In the end you made the right decision not to wait for their 4:00 pm flight and considered spending money on Air NZ because you would have been screwed again by JetStar by their talented cheap staff on some out of the world fee.

OMFG yeah something like this

OMFG yeah something like this happened to me and my mates. we got there 2 hours early and had already checked in online 48 hours beforehand. The flight was off screen and there was a family in the same situation as us. They closed the gates and wouldn't let us in because apparently the passenger manifest had already been closed?? wtf?
so we spend AU$500 extra to board Fiji Airways flight back to Sydney. All they had to do was open 2 doors, check off 5 names within 2 hours. This made me want to hunt down Jetstar after my flight was delayed 90 mins in a previous Jetstar fail experience.

I totally feel your pain. This is insane. Even Fiji Airways was infinitely better. Bigger, more comfortable seats, overhead TVs, free alcohol and soft drinks, complimentary meal, extremely friendly and patient staff...the list goes on. I was/am/forever will be extremely disappointed and disgusted with Jetstar.

You can't just check off five

You can't just check off five people and open two doors. The pilots have to recalculate the loadings again, will miss their timeslot and the airline will be charged thousands of dollars because idiots like you think you can turn up late and get on. Why don't you simplify the whole process and get there early? Is it ok to go to work late? What if you try to catch the bus two minutes after its scheduled stop? Guess what? It's not waiting for you.

The same thing they did for

The same thing they did for being just 5 minutes late. They sold my seat to a person just in front of me in the queue. Ways to get money

10:55 flight time , 10:30

10:55 flight time , 10:30 buying Present at duty free , looking for gate and realised it was far and run there and reached at 10:40 and bought new tickets and wasted time , hotel fees at Bali and a day. Huge disappointment ever among holiday trips.