6 hour delay, ruined the weekend

Arrived at OOL on Sunday 27th April to discover that our flight to MEL had been postponed for 6 hours! Technical issues.... like you can have any argument with that. However I cannot comprehend that there was no other plane available from BNE or SYD and that we had to wait for another to come up from MEL.

Of course we received no notification at all of the delay. The staff at the airport tried to make out that it was our problem for not receiving a text message telling us of the delay. I confirmed with her that all our mobile numbers were correctly on the booking but again nobody could explain why we weren't informed when everybody was 'supposed to receive a text'.

Jetstar customer service lady gave us each a $10 refreshment voucher to use in the airport for food and drink (and of course this does not include alcohol) only to discover that no vendor apart from a coffee shop will accept the voucher.

Our lovely weekend away ended on a very very sour note with a totally wasted Sunday afternoon and evening and then not arriving home until nearly 1am. Needless to say we all struggled to get to work on Monday morning which totally defeated the purpose of a relaxing weekend away.

Will never fly with them again.

Australia-Gold Coast
Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


The vendors don't except

The vendors don't except their vouchers because it's a struggle to get their money, no one gets texts because it costs them money to send them. Don't forget they are a low budget airline, they are a disgrace.