$60 baggage check fee. Utter rubbish

I was at the gate for my flight, hand luggage only. I had a regular carry on bag, you know the sort that are specifically made to be carried on. They had scales at the gate and a long line of folk with similarly regular carry on luggage that they were forcing to pay $60 each to board. What a complete scam! This is a shameless, disgusting cash grab targeting folk who fly budget because that's what they can afford. It's a significant amount of money and many, many people would not have it in their budget to comply with. It's a disgusting disregard for passengers. Staff are rude and devoid of compassion as they scouge you of your cash. So angry. Nobody in this line had anything except a regular carry on bag. What a joke. Won't be flying again.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


as far as I know, all

as far as I know, all airlines have a carry on weight limit.

I completely agree, Brooke!!

I completely agree, Brooke!! We haven't encountered the level they go to pilfer money in any way they can from any other company- airline or not!!!