7 hour flight delay - no apology

We had a 7 hour delay on flight from Denpasar to Perth.

Found out that at 1am the cockroaches start coming out at Bali Airport in droves.

No apology from CrapStar, just an offer of a hot meal on the plane at 4am (which they ran out of half way down the aisle) and a $50 voucher off my next flight if used within 3 months...

Uhm... pretty sure I'm not going to be redeeming that.

Hopefully these guys will go bankrupt soon and no one else will need to suffer.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


There is no way this guy is

There is no way this guy is getting bankrupt as they are making profit ! There is just no guarantee as when you accept to buy their ticket, you have to accept that the time and date of the flight will not form any part of the contract. I guess no one will ever read these fine clauses and they will only attract with the cheap price. If you do not like JS, just go away and take another airline; or you have to accept their ridicilus conditions if something is happened.

Gordon L is absolutely

Gordon L is absolutely right.. Jetstar make huge profits from this type of bad behaviour.
Sydney Morning herald Feb 17, 2011 "Qantas profit soars..."
They attract suckers by advertising cheap ticket prices (not always cheap but sometimes they are), then they offer sub-standard service and reschedule/cancel at will to generate healthy profits.

Jetstar are the bankers of the airline industry..

Never book with them again and spread the word.. Personally I find Air Asia to be everything that Jetstar isn't.

Appreciate the comments. We

Appreciate the comments. We we're thinking of trying Virgin Blue next time, but may take up your advice of checking out Air Asia. I'll do my best to spread the word about JetStar and make sure that everyone in my circle of friends and family never use them.

Air Asia is great airline

Air Asia is great airline budget but are good i have had a few times they were delayed but nothing to bad, also try Scoot Air they are doing great deals at the moment into Asia.