8 days holiday - BUT waiting for 6 DAYS of lost baggage

Left melbourne for Queenstown NZ on Sunday 4th Sept. On arrival my husbands luggage did not arrive!! funny because my bag was next in line to be ticketed..... and I got my luggage.. After many many calls and no-one being able to say where our baggage was, a trip to queenstown airport on the 8th sept was needed just to talk to someone face to face...... eventually after 6 days, and only 2 days left of our holiday in NZ our luggage arrived!! WOO bloody HOO. To the ticketing lady (I'll remember you.......)

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
New Zealand-Queenstown


I don't understand what goes

I don't understand what goes on in the thick heads of you people. It wasn't the check in chick that caused the bag to go missing. It's the baggage handlers. It happens all the time on every airline.

They have also lost one of my

They have also lost one of my backpack in Singapore. The staff had contacted me that my backpack has finally arrived in Perth International Airport, but I need to get it by myself. It doesn't make any sense because it supposed to be paid by Jet star since it's their fault not mine.
I have called many times and they kept saying they won't be able to help me with this....I've written a complaint email and also left a comment on their FB.