ACCC need to investigate Jetstsar

How is it Jetstar can change my flight time without compensating me, however when I want to change a name on a ticket that I have already booked and paid for I must pay them $250?

Jetstar claim the only way to change a name on the ticket is to cancel it (although they cant refund it) and sell me a new ticket plus all their 'change details' fees. It's a bloody joke!

Who in Jetstar dreams up all this crap, Jetstar specialise in inconveniencing its clients so it can charge more fees.

The demise of the Dying Kangaroo has left Australians with a ramshackle joke of an airline that the ACCC should have a very good look at.

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Jetstar rippoff they change

Jetstar rippoff they change flight and charge me more money ”
May 25, 2012, 6:34 AM

Jetstar double dip and charged me money for seats I'd already paid for. Are the legally or ethically allowed to do this ?

Jetstar cancelled my flight that I had already booked from Perth to Bali 6 months ago. What isn't acceptable is that they've put me on an earlier flight and I have to pay again for a new seat allocation.

This cant be right has anyone else been ripped off by Jetstar in this way.

In case Jetstar are remotely interested in retaining me as a customer my booking reference is U533NI

This isn't about money it's the principle.

Jetstar customer service suck also but it's not their fault as its their IT systems as they aren't in sync with customer data. I have four flight reservations with them and they sms me saying flight cancelled specific flight info in the SMS. Not much good when I have 5 flights booked with them.

In case Jetstar are remotely interested in fixing this problem this is simple fix. My email address in 95% of the time always the same on all airfare bookings so they just use this as a reference in their data search. Customer service staff asking me to check all my emails when I'm on a voice call is crap.

I called the helpdesk and wasted 15 minutes as they coudn't tell me what flight I had that was been delayed because I had five jetsar flights that had been booked.

I went into my emails and found the specfic Jetsstar flight in question called the help desk up again and he just said your now booked to leave on an earlier flight and asked if accepted change and I said yes on the assumption that this didn't mean they'd charge me any additional money.

When I went onto the Jetstar portal to check my new itinery I noticed I hadn't been assigned a seat and I had to rebook a seat.

This is my gripe as they charged me for booking a new seat when I'd already paid for this charge in my original booking.