Additional Luggage, what a joke.

I thought we were getting a great deal when booking online for my wife, my daughter & myself - NO NO NO. All I wanted to do was add additional luggage to one passenger, the only option you get is to add luggage to ALL three passengers.
I immediately called customer service to add baggage to one passenger and they have a higher charge rate than online, why, because you are talking to a customer service representative and not booking online from what I am told by the Jetstar Service Centre........ Fix Your Systems Jetstar.. Simply not good enough.

Oh, I was also slugged with an additional $51.00 for paying by credit card..... Approximately 8.42% surcharge. Who's taking Who for a ride.......

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Not sure why you are

Not sure why you are complaining. You have the option in the baggage section to choose baggage individually or as a group. Did you miss this step? It is pretty clear after you skip the "Bundle" section and proceed to book the baggage separately. Alternately, depending on which Jetstar system you use, you can manage baggage allowance after you insert the names of the passengers because the system automatically adds 20 kilos per person unless you actively choose to change it in the baggage section. It is after you put in the names of the passengers.