We travelled as a group of 4 from Sydney to Adelaide return! We had 20kg check in baggage for each couple! Plus 7kg carry on each we were 6kg overweight with the carry on baggage even though our book in luggage was 14kg and 16kg! The rude prick at the Adelaide terminal made us book an extra bag in! It was 8kg which still kept the total below the 40kg check in limit! If you want us to self check in you should be more leinient as we would have weighed each bag and put more on the check in baggage! This is just a grab for money on a flight that was not full. I hate self check in and even more now as jetstar is a discracefull example of why management has increased profits by ripping people of through the back door! The people helping at self check in should advise you better. It was an additional $60 a total disgrace ! What next will joice come up with? Charging for baby's sitting on laps and weighing off passengers is not far of as he look for ways to increase profits and justify his job! Last time jetstar or quantas! Great Australian!! More like great rip off!



Although i hate jetstar

Although i hate jetstar surely you should have worked this out before you checked in and weighed your luggage? Especially if you were under your check in limit.