Australian taxpayers can't communicate with an airline in receipt of their money

I have attempted, so far unsuccessfully, to navigate Jetstar’s frustrating website to purchase two extra pieces of baggage (one being a musical instrument) on a JetStar sector from Ballina to Sydney.
I understand that Jetstar’s the sort of airline that does everything on the cheap and charges for everything. That's fair enough, that's the business model.
What is not fair enough are the extraordinary lengths to which Jetstar goes to make sure that passengers can't communicate directly with its staff.

The vicious cycle goes thus:

• Jetstar's website will allow you to purchase extra pieces of baggage after booking but before arrival at the airport. This is advertised as an option - it's not as cheap as purchasing an extra baggage allowance when you book but it's not as expensive as having to do it at the check-in counter at the airport. I strongly suspect Jetstar would prefer you to get fleeced at the airport - which is why the website won't facilitate the purchase.
• You cannot communicate with “customer care” about this or any other matter until you have a case ID.
• You can't get a case ID until you have engaged with the chat room bot.
• There is an extraordinary waiting list for’ chat room bot’ and passengers trying to engage with it are advised to cancel and come back later..

Smells to me of gouging.
In a travel world reeling from Covid 19 - and in which the government is spending millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to support the aviation industry, I reckon this stinks.

Australia-Ballina Byron


Booking System Failure

Booking System Failure
There were numerous discrepancies in the booking which do not meet Jetstar’s own guidelines.
1. My Name was Misspelt. It should not be possible to change a booking unless the correct name is used.
2. The Postcode used was an NSW location
3. The email address used was non-existent
4. The Phone Number was not mine
5. I have never met the persons who the Booking was made for, however, she is the Admin of a Jetstar Class Action group on Facebook , which I am a member of.
6. The flights for the Booking were never taken.
7. Jetstar claimed it was fraught and refused to discuss the matter further.
8. All attempts to discuss the issues with them are ignored

Government agencies are being swamped with complaints, yet for some reason, Jetstar are not being held accountable. The media appear to be complicit. Write a letter to the editor. Any Mention of Jetstar guarantees it will not be printed.