Bad Customer Relations

During a delay where my plane was on the runway for over an hour in Melbourne waiting in line to release the passengers, my partner was waiting inside. He was told by two Jetstar female staff that there was "no information" available as to where my plane was (we were sitting on the runway outside!). When he pressed them as to why there was no information they told him that they didn’t have to help him because he wasn’t a customer and threatened to call security. It appears that the women thought that security was for things that they didn’t want to deal with as opposed to a security threat. I am a frequent flyer and my partner pays for all my flights, so it was really distressing to hear that he was treated like that. One of them was apparently a supervisor that I would have expected to have been trained to handle situations like that with more professionalism and courtesy to the people that look forward to collecting their loved ones from Jetstar services. We both felt very let down by Jetstar, and I now avoid engaging with the staff in any way when I do fly with them for fear of having a bad experience. I am writing this because I hope that Jetstar reads this and I am suggesting that perhaps this is an opportunity for Jetstar to improve their customer relations training - particularly where stressful situations such as delays are concerned.

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Jetstar's customer service

Jetstar's customer service relations will improve when they hire staff with a personality.

Jetstar won't read or react

Jetstar won't read or react to your complaint on this website. Over six months ago I wrote a complaint on this website "Stand here all day and nothing will happen- pay more money and something will happen"- (that's what we were told by a Jetstar staff member) what we found was that the Jetstar website didn't work when you chose flights displayed in USD$ and tried to pay cash at the Vietnam post office. Of course the Vietnam Post Office don't take USD$ and they didn't know how to accept payment on behalf of Jetstar- or in fact had a phone number for Jetstar. The website design has a flaw and i thought Jetstar might like to know about this. It took 7 meetings at various locations to pay for those tickets.. I wrote 2 letters to the CEO of Jetstar going into detail about the flaw in their website and the difficulty I had simply paying for a ticket. I eventually received one phone call - that person told me they would advise the outcome when the problem was fixed- that was about 6 months ago, and of course I've heard nothing since. Consequently I've followed the complaints on this website ever since and I've come to the conclusion that Jetstar have no interest in offering a quality service, just making profits. I'm quite sure they break consumer laws but most travellers can't be bothered beginning legal proceedings over such cheap ticket prices. I am quite sure the Qantas/Jetstar management will retire on huge company bonuses- never mind the shoddy treatment many customers receive. So if you're a frequent flyer- the only thing you can do is spend your money with Air Asia, Virgin - any airline apart from Qantas/ Jetstar. That's my opinion.

Pass your comments on to your

Pass your comments on to your local Federal member. We need a barrage of complaints in the hands of our MPS so that in time legislation can be put in place to hold these operators to account. Unless our Mps have a bank of complaints they wont do anything but once they have progress will be made. Do it today- write your MP and restore your deserved consumer rights.

I fly Jetstar as little as

I fly Jetstar as little as possible, however I have taken advantage of their promo 'Starclass' fares to Singapore. I bought and paid for my tickets a fortnight ago but as yet cannot access them on the JQ website. I keep getting a 'no booking found' message. Furthermore the website now tells me my internet address is 'not valid'. I've phoned 'customer service' (what a joke) 3 times and had 3 condescending 'so sorry sir' responses but nothing actually gets done. Never again Jetstar!.