bag drop 1 minute late ???? - bad luck your luggage isnt going on the plane

cut a long story short , paid $313 for a one way ticket to Adelaide ( so not a cheap ticket ) - flying return qantas, checked in the night before , so already had a assigned watch said 320pm , counter staff said it was 321-322pm, we wont load your luggage, i asked if all luggage had left for the plane , it hadnt but still too late. yes my fault for being 1 minute late but the attitude and dogmatic unfreindly nature ( especially Beth) was unbelievable and so rude, luggage weighed only 8 kilos ( i didnt have any carry on luggage) so dont give me any crap about captain needing to caculate weight to ratios for flying .ended up not flying and wont be buying a jetstar ticket anymore,found out flight was 20 minutes late in take off as wasnt the just the fact i couldnt get the bag on the plane , i probaly could have lived with that as honestly that was my fault in not being able to find a park in the long term parking ( had to park in short term in the end ) - but my god the snobby adolf hitler nature of the staff was sooooo amazing , i had to just walk away before i lost my temper - are these guys on a power trip or in the customer service industry?



Todays Sydney Morning Herald-

Todays Sydney Morning Herald- article "Jetstar defends 'toughen up princesses' email"

Jetstar flight attendant Monique Neeteson-Lemkes, a Flight Attendants Association of Australia union representative, but appearing in her own right, said fatigue issues extended to cabin crew and morale was low.
''I would say it is a very toxic workplace at the moment,'' she said. Cabin crew were ''fearful of using the word 'fatigue' '' for fear of repercussions.

@ Jim - It's a toxic company with a toxic work environment. Surely fatigue isn't the only problem on the radar. Staff being fearful of repercussions explains a lot. Such a shame. Suggest you do what many have and avoid this airline in future, and tell your friends likewise.

Nice post, Jim. Good to get

Nice post, Jim. Good to get this stuff out there so people know what they're in for.

iM sorry you had such a

iM sorry you had such a terrible horific experience mr jim
One thing you have to understand and realise is that come to the airport at least a good 1 hour before check in bags. So this gives you time and freedom AND also clearing away from road accidents and trafic pile ups.. Dont acuse miss adolf hitler staff about it. You have to be at the airport much early. This gives you time to get away from trafic jams road and contructions road sites.. and also enough time to find a carpark..
AUSTRALIA seems to just built carparks and carparks but nothing has change inside the airport alone.

Aniways this is a scary part because as we all know it we fly a plane and people have to get to this early dont just come to the airport 5 minutes or such late.. remember how horrible it was back in high school if you where 1 minute late when everyone started to pray ?

Aniways its just best to come to the airport at least 1 hour earlier at least gives u freedom to seat still and wait until they unzip the check in straps otherwise hitler may end up with a sympolism jetstar nazism sign

gooodluck sweet heart/

hi jessicastaff please don't

hi jessicastaff please don't meantion anything about jetstar with hitler nazis ideas. Because when i go to the airport im there on the cue with the rest with guards all over the place with guns making the whole airport as if we where these jewish who had to wait to get in the berlin train to head to the concentration nazi camp. yeah right.. the jetstar nazi plane take everyone to living hell to the destination

No seriously if only they let me have a smoke inside before boarding. well the guards are as horrible then what jetstar are in the first place.

Given what we heard on the

Given what we heard on the Senate inquiry this week you can understand the perpetually arrogant attitude these counter staff have.
The rottenness is driven from the top. Having said that a natural bent in the selection process would favor lesser beings when it comes to attitued the only to be fed more when they start and see the culture thats shaped by management. As a result customers are treated like crap.

I can translate

I can translate jessicastaff's comment into plain Jetstar english for everyone (her spelling and grammar)-
"iM sorry you had such a terrible horific experience mr jim- but it's your fault for being late, and don't complain about Ms Hitler's behaviour as it is (somehow) justified"

Funny - I thought Jim already admitted he was in error for being late. No apology/admission for staff rudeness Ms jessicastaff?