Betrayed, stabbed in the back with salt rubbed into my wounds

I was supposed to take Jetstars to Melbourne to catch a connecting flight back to Singapore. But noooooo, Jetstar has to delay the flight, screwing my connection and making me fork out AUD450 for Virgins Blue to make it in time.

But that is only the beginning of the horrors of what must be the most atrocious customer disservice ever displayed...

I called the helpline somewhat reconciliatory - wanting not an apology (none was offered anyways) but just a simple request for a letter stating that the flight was delayed, to facilitate my insurance claim.

I ended up calling not once, not twice but 5 #$@%^*@#$%*($@#&^ times! Til now, the jingles and sweet automated promises of "we value you" ring in my head.

I was told that letter will be sent (first time)... will be sent; call back a week later to check (2nd time)... will be sent and delivered by XX date (3rd time)... after XX date, still no letter... already sent wait another week (4th time).... another week no letter... will send via fax but comes with a charge (5th time)

Jetstar, you betrayed my trust by delaying the flight, stabbed me with an extra AUD450 charge with Virgins Blue, made me beg for a letter, and then while I am yet licking my wounds, rub salt and piss on them by charging me for a measly fax! What audacity!

And all the while, not a single apology was uttered.

Never again, Jetstar, never again!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


disgraceful...they just suck

disgraceful...they just suck as much money out of you as possible; even for a simple fax.

Whilst I only needed to pay

Whilst I only needed to pay Virgin $A275.00 and lose the money paid to Jetstar for a contract they did not keep because I paid for a ticket they did not honour (is that fraudulent missappropriation of funds?), I have now waited over a month to receive a response to anyone of my three separate complaints. Seems to me attempting to notify the powers that be at Jetstar is futile. I am looking at legal action - just because! as I financially it would not be worthwhile. Mental note, book with cheaper airlines that give better service and honour the ticket we paid for - like Qantas and Virgin.

I've found the same,

I've found the same, namely:
1) If Jetstar delay or cancel a flight, you are often faced with hours of waiting in an uncomfortable airport, or cancelling their ticket, waiting weeks for a refund and having to purchase a short notice ticket with another airline for a premium price. I've found it's more satisfying to pay a little more for a ticket on a reliable airline in the first place and feel confident your trip won't be ruined. I do find that when I explain this to people - they just don't get it. There's a significant part of human nature playing into Jetstar's strategy. Potentially waiting hours in an airport to save $20 is nuts- yet people do it.
2) I wrote two letters of complaint to the CEO of Jetstar- part of the complaint was explaining how the Jetstar payment system had a flaw making it impossible for customers to pay for their tickets. (see my complaint "Stand here all day and nothing will happen, pay money and something will happen") After a whopping 60 business days without a response I gave up waiting for any reply. they simply do not action any customer complaints as far as I can ascertain.

Your connecting flight was

Your connecting flight was missed meaning you had to pay for a new one with Virgin Blue ?

That seems to be what I'm gathering from this story, here.

Basically it was Jetstar's responsibility to get you from Point A to Point B displayed on your itinerary with THEM... Any connections you have are not the responsibility of the first airline you board with - come on ! It's like saying the bus company has to take responsibility for your train connection that they are NOT aware of... The delay with Jetstar is the only concern of Jetstar's, nothing else. You CHOSE to have a connecting flight with another carrier. Personally I leave a lot of time between flights, sometimes even a day - or I ensure all connections are with the same carrier !