Beware of Gate shakedown

Just had the worst shakedown I’ve ever had across four continents. First Jetstar made me over prepay for checked baggage - which WAS thankfully flagged by Expedia or this would have been worse. Then at the last minute someone weighs my backpack and tells me I have to pay SIXTY DOLLARS to check it at the gate. AND they were counting my medical device - which must be carried on - in the total! I told the manager I would never fly with Jetstar again. She told me that was ok and the first guy made sure to tell me “I told you so” then didn’t give me back my boarding pass and threatened to pull me off the flight for complaining. I wasn’t even allowed to take a coffee - worse than Russia! I will recommend anyone travelling to Australia avoid Jetstar and their ripoff scam at the gate!



Just happened to me on 6 am

Just happened to me on 6 am flight out of Melbourne. I admit was over 7kg, (12kg) but myself I’m not overweight. I travel with minimal luggage, not stupid shopping bags etc. So coughed up $60. This was after a cancelled flight that lead to 2 nights in hotel as missed connecting flight. Perth Hobart - 20 hours travel and transit time. Never again Jetstar

I was at 11kg but they should

I was at 11kg but they should not have counted my medical device. And they should warn you this is the practice - I was way under on the prepaid amount so they got me both ways then just say “it’s your responsibility” while hammering you with the exorbitant charge. I could have packed differently had I known but had never seen anything like this across the probably 20 airlines I’ve flown worldwide. Making matters worse I was so flustered I forgot my anxiety and motion sickness medication in the bag and had a horrible flight (which was late and didn’t offer even a drop of water without further charge)