Guy, do please be very very very careful when booking JS online. I recently read the T&Cs. There is plenty of room for JS to entrap the customers. It states very clearly if you book online and don't hear back from them via email or etc it is canceled and you have to call them back. They will trick you in sending an "Invoice" and you may think this is done .... but NO!

With the T&Cs, what can happen is JS can tweak or change the online booking steps or web timeout and not let the payment transaction go through. They can do this if they want to increase the fare the next hour, next day or etc. They send you an invoice, you will think it is a itenary BUT it is NOT! They can entrap you when you come back online to re-book it and you will have to PAY MORE!!!. The online booking system is not stable and this is what happened to me.


Hong Kong-Hong Kong


They can cancel it and DO NOT

They can cancel it and DO NOT have to inform you at ALL!!! You HAVE to CALL to check! When you call the next time .... THE FARES ARE UP!!!! they will NOT honor last done!!!! BEWARE!!!

Very true. Everyone be very

Very true. Everyone be very very very careful. They resort to cheap tricks like this, so dont be fooled.

Very true. Everyone be very

Very true. Everyone be very very very careful. They resort to cheap tricks like this, so dont be fooled.

What a load of rubbish. It is

What a load of rubbish. It is only when your credit card declines/times out/causes an error than this could happen. If it does not go through as says "confirmed" on the final page, then something has gone wrong and you should call straight away. It's never given me any trouble

nah its not rubbish. this has

nah its not rubbish. this has happened to many times 4 it 2 b rubbish! anonymus is a jet star employee. he is jus stickin up for them. this is like a crime, they pretend it is a glich on the system but its actually on perpose. they jus wanna rip u off!

Remmy your stupidy/immaturity

Remmy your stupidy/immaturity never ceases to amaze me. I don't know how many times I have said I am an EX employee. I have no reason to stick up for them. Just in my experience, many of the customers, and people like yourself, are idiots.

I think Remmy is a Jetstar

I think Remmy is a Jetstar employee- he writes anti-Jetstar comments in neanderthal language to discredit this website- trying to make people who complain about Jetstar seem stupid. What other explanation could there be? If this is the case- Remmy you are a puppet.. one day Bruce Buchanan and David Hall will retire on a mulit-million dollar payout, and Remmy you will only get unemployment benefits. Think about it.

wow, this is truly excellent.

wow, this is truly excellent. conspiracy theories that can be explained by a simple equation. too much traffic = site fail. alternatively it could be the corporations trying to keep the proletariat under their big money hungry thumbs. but lets not get too excited.
in regards to the OP, of course they can cancel your ticket, read the terms and conditions. holy crap, did you not think that a $50 flight across the country would be restricted and horribly unflexible? or did you think that you'd get first class champagne for the price of a pot of VB and backwash.
if you look carefully, it comes under section 9.1 paragraph A of their conditions of carriage, it gives them the right to screw you over, to cancel or change your flight times. thats why its so cheap.

If something goes wrong, the

If something goes wrong, the airline SHOULD WRITE BACK and TELL THE CUSTOMER WHAT IS WRONG? Why do we have to call in when we don't hear anything? We already did our part, keyed in everything and completed everything online. Followed instructions. DID YOU KNOW, WHEN I ENTERED MY "CANCELED" confirmation CODE, the JetStar website showed a "PAGE NOT FOUND ERROR" like a http 404 error. Does NOT even prompt they your itinerary has been CANCELED. You go try it.
Yes, agreed it should be canceled when something goes wrong or a credit card is declined! But it JS responsibility to feedback to the customer AND not let them find out themselves. JS can obviously have the liberty to cancel any booking they wish and not honor it (as in T&Cs) without you knowing AS THEY DO NO HAVE TO INFORM YOU if your transaction is declined or etc. How will we know, we wait? JS can easily take advantage of this, cancel it, wait for you to call again ONLY to charge you MORE the next booking. This is indeed possible and has happened. FIX IT!!!

I say this website is founded

I say this website is founded for a reason. Many people are out there angry and pissed too many times to let them get away with it. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, LOW FARES. NOT TRUE! I seriously hope this turns out to be a class action against them.

it pains me to read your

it pains me to read your comments Ali, if something goes wrong, it generally prompts you to call the call centre. who will then inform you that your booking has failed. still, you're forgetting that Jetstar is a budget airline and will not fork out the dollars to have a tech support team call every person who is too much of a mongoloid to follow prompts on a website. hell, they're outsourcing their call centre to save more dollars. so don't expect the same service as you'd get from a full service airline.

@Anonymous - I shall not

@Anonymous - I shall not engage in personal attacks, that's not the purpose of this site. All I am asking is for JS to return an system email to inform of the status. Simple -- Pending? Canceled? Confirmed?. Any changes just email back to inform, you don't have to call. Are you the CEO or CS manager? or whatever, take this as feedback. There are disconnects with the online process. Unless you guys are very contented with this option of ripping more to unsuspecting customers like us. If it makes you feel good, good on you. As for me? Not another time. And JS's ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, LOW FARE?, please don't use a slogan which is not true.

If you surveyed every single

If you surveyed every single customer, it is only a very very small percentage that have problems with booking online. In any case, if there was such an error, if you do not receive a confirmation email within a few hours with your itinerary, you should call to confirm everything was ok. Clear as mud. The previous anonymous is right - they will not invest in an outbound support team. I used to work there some time ago, and we were told it is the customer responsibility to ensure their booking was successful.
Also - you mentioned you tried typing in the booking reference and you got an error page... shouldn't this have rung a few bells in your head? And after you processed your attempted payment, I'm pretty certain that final page would have said "Staus: Pending" or "Cancelled" rather than "Confirmed"

@Anonymous 2. Well, when the

@Anonymous 2. Well, when the page error came up, I did call. BUT what i am saying it should NOT be an General Error page error. And when a re-booked it, they charged me a higher rate! So as you just stated and confirm, since you are ex-staff, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the booking is successful and this clearly opens an opportunity for abuse by the merchant. If they are not liable for any form of feedback except for just an Invoice (final page) that says ... Payment status: unknown. What does it mean? unknown for how long? are you going to email back when it is known?

Common guys, I flew Qantas, Easy Jet, Air Asia and etc, their online system is not that "loose". We will never know or never be able to survey everyone out there BUT one indicator is the JS phone lines are always engaged or take too long for an answer, if customer satisfaction is excellent, why you guys can barely cope with the influx of calls? Sales is that good? Mind you, all the agents who took my call, have a "oh no, not another one" mindset, please send of fax your etc etc to our Melbourne office, standard script. Better yet, one advised, please call until the Melbourne call center picks up your call!

Maybe this is a separate issue but if JS is such a great company, in it's way it treats her customers and her staff, how do you explain the high turnover and frustrated phone agents? Why did you leave? I can tell you it is a general mentality in there, we are cheap and that's it, take it of leave it and if I get a chance to screw you, I will do it at the blink of an eye.

I will take my fight to the civil aviation authority, this practice of non-feedback from any airline online booking system is unfair and leaves customer in the lurch, because tickets are daily priced and are price sensitive with a difference in a few hours.

Btw, be gentlemently ... leave a name?

he will neva leave his real

he will neva leave his real name coz hes a cowerd and cant hack it dat jetstar is a shit air line! simpley, DONT FLY JETSTAR!

Ali and Remmy - who says I am

Ali and Remmy - who says I am a male? And what is the benefit to either of us if I leave my name?
Best of luck with CASA... I'm pretty certain they are a aviation safety authority, not an ombudsman.
The turnover is not abnormally high. I left after a few years to pursue a different role in the industry.

Hi guys, I am from Ireland

Hi guys,
I am from Ireland and on Monday I booked a flight with Etihad to Bangkok and then with Jetstar to Melbourne.
I filled everything out correctly with JS and arrived at the final page saying status pending.
Email confirmation from Etihad straight away but No confirmation email after 3 days from Jetstar.
I contacted my credit card company to see whats due to come out of my account.
Etihads flight cost came out but no JS.
No indication from Jetstar that my flight is either cancelled or confirmed. I copied and pasted the final page from the booking because there was no close or confirm button.
Karls choice:
1) Try a different airline for a flight to Melbourne and risk JS an hour before the actual flight confirming my ticket.
2) Karl contact JS, oh wait I cant because no email facility on JS website or anybody maning the phones in the call centre
3) Karl wait and see if the email confirmation comes through risking booking a new flight with a new airline the day of my flight at high cost.

Answer my query Anonymous because Jetstar wont.
Either way I agree with the rest of the guys above and I am very sure that at the end of this I will be on a different airline at a higher cost, but JS will have taken the money out of my account. I will go down the legal route and tarnish there name by writing to the consumer rights department of the Air Authority via a solicitors letter.
JS=Bunch of pricks.


Hi Karl Air Asia (google

Hi Karl

Air Asia (google them) are a budget airline that fly Bangkok > Kuala Lumpur and KL > Melbourne. You will probably have to book two tickets, one for each leg. But they're cheap good and reliable. Good luck with Jetstar- hopefully your card won't be charged. I think you'd have better luck going to your credit card company and having any charges reversed. Keep good records and screen captures etc

Hi Karl, As Phil suggested,

Hi Karl,

As Phil suggested, AirAsia but one stop in KL. Or Thai Airways direct BKK to MLB. F***k JS! If you have no email itinerary from JS YOUR FLIGHT IS NOT CONFIRMED. They will tell you for some unknown reasons your transaction timed out or your browser had a problem. NOT their problem. Read the T&C it says responsibility is with the passenger to check of your booking gone through.

Did you get a Booking Ref Code? If you did then try to recall it from the JS site. If it is booked you get a flight details, If it is NOT booked then you get a Page Not Found Error.... WTF is that???!! That JS for you. Useless muppets.

in any case Good Luck! Karl.

Thanks guys, I put in my

Thanks guys,

I put in my refrence code for the 5th time on the Jetstar website and it eventually gave me the below:

Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.
Close Window
Your card has declined. Please check your card details and try again, or alternatively try a different card or payment method.
Payment Summary
Confirmation Number: L5***
Payment Method Account Number Amount Status
Credit card MC XXXXXXXXXXXXXX THB11,072.11 THB (declined)

Amount Due at pick-up/check-in Amount Tendered Balance due


You've now tendered enough payment to cover the cost of this booking. Payments marked "Pending" still need to be authorized by the system, however, so no money has been exchanged yet.
If you wish to finalize this purchase, please type in the security code in the supplied field, then click 'Submit Payment'


Just booked with Aisa

Just booked with Aisa Airlines and recieved my e-ticket instantly. Also on the final page i had a comfirmation button to come out of that page. There was a number and email address to contact if any problems. Fuck you Jetstar "Stress Free Flights" my arse, my stress is now over thank you above guys keep it up!!

Good Job Karl! Have a safe

Good Job Karl! Have a safe trip!

... at least this site served it's purpose.... warn others of JetStar... "Stress Free Flights" and "All Day Every Day Low Fares" my arse too..... FUCK YOU Jet Fucking Star arse!!!..

Karl, if you had rebooked it with them price would have been higher!

Of course the T& C allow

Of course the T& C allow this. The only way you and every other person here who have been ill treated by Jetstar will be to complain to the government of the country you live in and that Jetstar flys in and out of. Just complain time and time again and any other contacts you have with these appalling experiences must do the same . There are a huge amount of disaffected customers who must have their voice heard at government level.

As for this type of stuff up

As for this type of stuff up from JS, .........This definately happens, just booked a flight for myself and partner via the 2 for 1 deal to Japan from Sydney and had to book another single ticket for my mother on same flight via the standard booking method as the 2 for 1 deal has to be booked in even numbers for obvious reasons.
We were going to holiday all together and my mums single ticket with 15kg baggage, meal and entertainment was just under $800 for the return airfare. This had to be done before midnight 19/2/13 to take advantage of the special and then when i enquired with reservations for safety that night i was told i had 48hrs to pay for these tickets via the direct deposit payment method. It was getting late so decided to pay whilst at work around 12pm the following day and the first payment was paid through POLi as i couldnt find the direct deposit selection and to be honest i thought it was the same thing. My first payment for our ticket went through and then when i tired 10 minutes later to pay for my mothers ticket it timed out and then said that there was an error and to contact the call centre. After numerous unhelpful calls to the JS call centre i was told that the booking could no longer be honoured at the same price and they want to charge me hundreds of dollars more but the funniest part i find is that the booking reference still shows up o their systems. They even tired to tell me that with POLi the booking has to be paid within 30min of the booking being made but this was not correct and they had no answer for me when i said if this were true how was it that i managed to pay for mine and my partners booking 12hrs after the booking was made ? (doesnt make sense so that throws that excuse out the window for them) I want to cancel my 2 for 1 ticket now as i cant travel without my mum as we were all going together and this was not my fault and was a problem with JS online payment system so why should i have to pay for their stuff up and they have even told me that i cant get a refund for my ticket if i choose to cancel ????? What the hell .....if they cant see the situation and rectify simple problems like this then what hope do i have of JS Australia complaints department fixing the problem and recognizing that the mistake is not my fault and honoring the booking as they should.
I sent a complaint via the online contact form explaining my situation and what happened and now i have to wait nervously for possibly the next 15 days to lean the outcome. The sad part is i have been trying to get my mum on a holiday for the past 13 years and now this. Hopefully all pans out for the best and they see in my favour ! will let you guys know the outcome. Sorry for the lengthy post