Booking 'mistake'

I booked a flight online and then immediately realized that the wrong date had gone through. Within seconds I was on the phone to Jetstar to rectify the mistake. I'm swearing black and blue that I entered the correct date and when I navigate back to the page the correct date is still there. Regardless, you would think that a grace period for mistakes would be reasonable and sensible. $60 penalty and the privilege of being treated like a liar by a jerk. Never again, Jetstar.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Hi Corey, I’m sorry to hear

Hi Corey,

I’m sorry to hear that you accidentally selected the wrong date when booking your recent flight with us.

When you making a booking via our website, we show you the flight time and date on three separate pages – the “Select flights” page as well as the “Passengers” and “Payments” pages.

Before you confirm your booking, we do advise our passengers to make sure that you’ve selected the right flight for the right time and date and have only included the extras that you want. It’s very important that you take the time to check these things, because once you click the “Purchase” button, you’ve agreed to book those flights and to pay the amount shown.

Once your payment is accepted and your booking is confirmed, we email your itinerary to you. If there are mistakes, it’s up to you to fix them. If you book one of our Starter fares, you’ll be charged a change fee per passenger as well as any applicable fare difference between the cost of the flight you booked, and the cost of the flight that you actually want to travel on.

I can see from your booking that you gave our Telephone Reservations team a call and they actioned the changes on your behalf and you were only charged the applicable fare difference as no change fee applies with our Starter Plus fares.

It’s disappointing that the service you received from our Reservations agent was less than stellar. All Jetstar staff are trained to provide professional and courteous service at all stages of your journey with us. It’s very disappointing that you felt you had such a poor experience with us on this occasion.

I realise that everyone makes mistakes, and I know it seems hard when you’ve had to pay additional amounts to correct a simple error. But I hope you’ll appreciate that we need to apply our fare rules consistently for all our passengers.

Thanks - Amanda

Another condescending

Another condescending response from Jetstar! Why won't you offer to call your customer's ! Hardly valued!

fuck off shitstar how is it

fuck off shitstar how is it fair to charge someone to change a date???

Well,... I was processing a

Well,... I was processing a flight on the Internet and the payment wouldnt go through. So I rang jetstar they said it was my card, I rang the bank they said it was not the card, I rang jetstar again and 3 people later they told me I could not use a credit card online for tickets booked in Vietnam. So the customer service agent says he can pay from the Aussie end using my failed attempt details online-which he could see! This whole process took 3 hours, for all the calls, online attempts( as I was booking for 4 and needed to enter all passport details etc over and over) so finally he booked them at an inflated rate of an extra $300 because of the exchange rate, he booked. Relieved to get off the phone, I saw the email confirmation come through and went back to work. When I sat down later with my partner and looked at it closely, he had booked me (and my 3 friends) for the wrong day back. Now we are all going to miss a wedding that we had planned to be back for, hence our original booking date !

Ok so it gets worse, I email a complaint... I finally get a reply and this is what it said; take note it has nothing to do with my complaint nor my issue? I am shocked at the lack of professionalism! They really should change their name to ' shit star - the company that treats you like shit and then fucks you over- have a nice day and thanks for flying'

I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the cost of the fares you booked with Jetstar.
I know it can be very frustrating to make a booking, and later find that the same flights go on sale, or are available at a lower price. It’s great for those customers who can take advantage of promotional fares, but I realise it seems unfair if you’ve already made your booking.
It may be helpful to know to receive advanced notification of our sale fares via email you can register on our website to become a JetMail member. If you’d like to be among the first to know when we have a seat sale, you may want to sign up for email and mobile text messages on exclusive offers for flights and upgrades.
Fares change as we manage the performance of each flight and respond to seasonal customer demand. Sold out fare classes can become available when a booking is cancelled by Jetstar because customers have defaulted on their payment. So sometimes a fare class which was previously sold out can become available again.
Please be assured that when you made your booking, you were offered the best available fare at that particular time. I understand why you’d like us to make the cheaper fares available to you now, but I’m afraid that you accepted the cost of your booking when you made payment for it.
Thank you again for sending me your comments. Knowing your views on our service will help us improve things for you in future.

Hey Corey, Just wondering,

Hey Corey,

Just wondering, when did this happen to you. I have had the same thing happen, and I know that I booked the right date because I had someone beside me on their laptop and we compared flight dates and times on the last page so that we had the same, I also wrote down the details to pass on to 2 other families that were booking the same flight. I have written to Jetstar but not heard back as yet. I made my booking around the 24th August, just wondering if you were around the same time? I paid $1000 for the return flights for the 3 of us and they want $1200 to rectify the return flight.

The other family that booked on the same day as well, only put in a search of Brisbane to Bali and their kids ended up going back to Brisabne via Melbourne??? Different flights from the parents? They didn't dispute it and just paid to rectify it.

So I would love to know when you made this booking.



I can say for a FACT that

I can say for a FACT that this is no mistake. I know someone that works for Jet Star and they can confirm that this is done very much on purpose. It's a way to squeeze more money out of it's poor customers. There's a deliberate glitch on the website that does this.

same thing happened to me. i

same thing happened to me. i booked for the 18th jan next yr and my itinerary stated 17th jan instead. when i called them up to tell them that they had made a mistake, they told me that there was nothing they could do and expected me to pay $400(5pax) to change my flight date. i mean seriously. this really isn't my fault. the next thing i know they had sent me another itinerary for the 18th Jan. seriously jetstar can do "magical" wonders too.

I've made a lot of bookings

I've made a lot of bookings of jetstar. I know they won't let you change it so I check, double check, and check again, even reading it out to my wife so we are both sure. Then.... I made a mistake! My wife had to leaves holidays early for a family funeral and this happened. When I rang them in a rage, the guy on the phone "Earle" from overseas guaranteed because of a compassionate circumstance we could change the booking, pay for it, then be reimbursed the $226 once we sent in the appropriate information (i.e. Death Certificate) Anyway long story short, they denied me of this weeks later, made no mention of the compassionate circumstance and said it was my fault anyway. Seriously disgusting form. (oh yeah, I even asked "Earle" has there ever been a circumstance that MAYBE their was a glitch. He kept avoiding the question and I kept at him with it - he eventually answered, "Well yes, it is possible")

I just encountered exactly

I just encountered exactly the same problem, the system got my return flight wrong not!! me!! My daughter was sitting next to me witnessing and reconfirming the dates. I rang Jetstar immediately after receiving my delayed email confirmation and was treated like some sort of idiot from their outsourced call centre labelling me a liar.Long story short i had no choice but to pay an extra $67.62 to be able to return on the correct date. I am so seriously disappointed with Qantas "Our leading Airline" Not! I will not by choice ever use them again if i can avoid them. The outsourced operators they use are pathetic, rude not to mention other things. Keep this up Jetstar?Qantas while you have no competition because when alternatives are offered by other players I will have no guilt in supporting them even if they are off shore carriers. Seriously dissaponting!!!