Booking system screw up!

On the 18 Nov 2010 I made a booking via the website for six persons. Transaction went through and I had printed out an itinerary dated 18 Nov 2010. I had even gone through the seat selection option and paying extra for front seats. I entered my Credit Card and all details. There was no screen prompt for anything else and I selected to make payment. I remember I received a note that says payment was successful (screen with the processing circle) and it disappeared when I closed it. I proceeded to print the itinerary.

A month went by, no email and no nothing, but my itinerary has my contact details. No email, no call no nothing from JetStar.

17 Dec 2010, day before my flight, to my horror, I tried to access my booking and a page error with no data showing. I suspected something a missed and called. To my horror, a "Jay" told me my booking is GONE! because credit card was declined! BUT he could not see where the problem was. I called Bank immediately and they checked for 30mins and said there was no attempt from JetStar to even attempt the payment of on the 18 Nov 2010. There was a disconnect somewhere. There was NOT an EMAIL attempt even to tell me my booking canceled! What Citibank had told me that the JetStar site should have prompted a One-Time PIN, which I remembered clearly IT DID NOT HAPPEN at all.

Stuck with not other choice, after no other options, I had to rebook with JetStar, this time I had to PAY SGD4000 MORE! BUT this time I lost all seat preferences and etc. This time the same credit card gone through! I did this on the phone to be safe! I am filing an official complaint with CASE SINGAPORE about this case. With all these promotiom, it is time for people to know the truth about them!

Hong Kong-Hong Kong


all jetslut want is ur money

all jetslut want is ur money robbing bastards.

I also have the same problem.

I also have the same problem. I book for tickets from Medan to Singapore, and the transaction was rejected and the jetstar webpage shows some error on their page. When I check my booking, it shows that is has been declined and nothing has been charged to my credit card. I tried for 4 times because I am really desperate to get a ticket, all of them failed with the same error. Last month, I receive my credit card bill with all those transactions still being charged.

I request for refund from the bank, and the bank ask me to get jetstar to refund me because it will speed up the process compared to requesting from the bank which will take 10 days. And guess what, I contacted jetstar and it has been 1 month already, I still haven't got my refund back. Only after 1 month they tell me to check back with my bank because they can't refund it.

The customer service officers are not helping at all, and when we call, they always says please wait another 3 days or please wait another 1 week. I am too fed up with them, I am thinking we should submit this as an article in Today newspaper so that everyone knows the truth about them.

I am not excusing Jetstar

I am not excusing Jetstar here but you didn’t receive a confirmation email after booking yet you waited until the day before your flight to check all was OK. From what you have written it seems you suspected something might be wrong but didn’t follow it up sooner. It also seems you did not check your credit card statement to see if the payment had gone through. It also always pays to copy and print the payment page when buying anything on the internet.
All airlines that I have ever flown always send a confirmation email with your itinerary on it. Maybe a lesson learnt albeit a frustrating one.

Well, yes I expected a

Well, yes I expected a confirmation email, but problem is I had a month long busy business travel schedule just after the booking. In fact I landed a day before I was due to take the trip. The main thing is I had gone through every booking requirement and had a "successful" booking with a itinerary. If JS wants to cancel my booking, they should send me something to tell me. None happen. I will pursue to claim.

I booked a ticket with

I booked a ticket with jetstar for a flight from Sydney to Ballina i went through the whole process of booking entered my payment details and then came the message "payment has not been authorised" I then waited a day and received no E-mail so i booked a flight with Virgin Blue using the same Credit card i have just checked my Credit card statement on-line and Jetstar have charged me the money for their flight....Can anyone give me some advice in how to claim this money back? I will be contacting my credit card company on Monday...Is there any number you can contact Jetstar from Ireland as i dont go on my travels until 4th April 2011.....

My Irish bro. That's how

My Irish bro. That's how screwed up their system is. Only way is to print your unauthorize "flight itinerary" call the Australia number during their time. You will have to wait until someone from the Melbourne call center to pick up or the Kuala Lumpur call center will pick up. Try that. I have sent all my documents in hardcopy to Melbourne, so far no friggin reply yet. I'll serve them a legal ntice next.

jetstar sucks!!!!

jetstar sucks!!!!