Business Class - Jetstar in reality do charge for changes to flights

Jetstar ticket conditions explicitly state that there will be no ( repeat no) charge for changing the dates of Business Class tickets. In our case, after a previous 'reasonable' experience flying Singapore to Melbourne on a Business Class fare we decided the wider seats were worth it and had booked two Business Class tickets again from Singapore to Melbourne for a date in April 2017. Circumstances dictated that , two months before our departure we needed to defer that journey by two days. Jetstar were advertising ( on their website) Business Class fares for the Singapore to Melbourne journey only at a price some $25 less ( repeat less) per ticket on the new date than the ones we had already paid for - so we tried to change the date on line but found that the computer system wanted another $ 220 per ticket for the new tickets. To keep it short, several calls to their Call center finally also confirmed that extra money per ticket would be required -in the first few calls their staff could not explain why and the final discussion elicited that there was an 'internal' pricing system that required the extra money. We could not of course cancel our tickets and had to stump up with the additional money meaning that we had paid something like $1050 per ticket for this flight!

Complaints to the company elicited an offer of a $100 Jetstar voucher and a complaint to the Airline Advocate in Australia elicited another offer of a $250 voucher. But never any explanation.

No one has actually explained the reason for the charge for changing beyond the employee who said it was an 'internal' policy in the computer!

Suffice to say Jetstar ( despite being told about our frequent travel to Singapore and elsewhere) have lost for ever the potential business of four double tickets to Singapore over this year and next year visiting family every three months - and how stupid are they?

Their vouchers offered will never be used and they have lost future business worth tens of thousands of dollars from this particular family - we had previously thought that occasionally using cheaper Jetstar fares had been OK (despite the delays, cancellations and ineptitude ) but after finding that they were a Corporate with a deceptive pricing practice we can no longer trust them with our money and will never use this airline again!

Be warned.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Jetstar ALWAYS do this. If

Jetstar ALWAYS do this. If you want to change your booking it does not matter what price you see on the website as an unbooked customer, when you actually log in and try to change your booking its always more expensive no matter what the other price is. its one great big scam

Please tell me more Ash.

Please tell me more Ash. thanks.