Currently sitting at Melbourne Airport waiting for the 8:05am flight from Melbourne to Brisbane and then i get to catch a bus from Brisbane to the Gold Coast YAY!!! all because my 06:20am flight Melbourne to Gold Coast was CANCELED!!! now im not sure why it was canceled they are not saying much!! but the next direct flight to the Gold Coast is sometime in the afternoon.

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Hi Jarred, Thanks for your

Hi Jarred,

Thanks for your contribution. I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck.

I'm curious to know what you hope to achieve by sharing your experience in this forum?

Exactly. And that's all it

Exactly. And that's all it is, bad luck. Virgin cancelled the most number of flights in 2010. Tiger are also well known for it. What the fuck are you complaining about?

Jarred did not fly Tiger or

Jarred did not fly Tiger or virgin he flew or in this case tried to fly jetstar. I am sure the reason he shared this is yet a other example of the lack of information offered to its customers when they cancel. Also Jarrod if the flight was cancelled due to a problem with jetstars planes or personnel you may be able to apply forcompensation.

ALso recording these incidences serves as good warning and information to others.

I wish you all the luck in

I wish you all the luck in the world trying to get exact reasons for cancellations out of airline. I've had cancellations on Virgin without reason. You just deal with it and accept it happens occasionally.

Joanna it's because of people like you that Australia is becoming more like America. Everybody suing each other and every company possible.

I don't recall mentioning

I don't recall mentioning suing I do recall asking for consumer rights as written in law.