Cancellation of Bali flight

My daughter has just experienced the cancellation of her Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Bali. According to her, tourist gossip in Bali is that lots of the Bali to and return flights are being cancelled. She is wondering of she should just book a return flight on Qantas and be done with it!

Does anyone know the reason(s) for this?

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Since it is a international

Since it is an international flight. Jetstar is liable for compensation up to 1000 SDR which is more than US$1000 under Montreal Convention article (19) and (22). She need to file a claim to the airline and they will try to offer $50 voucher to settle the claim. Do not accept that and it will go back and fore. At the end, if you threaten to take it to the Small Claim Tribunal, they may offer close to the maximum allowable. Accepting a free flight offer or voucher normally are not good option, as you may face delay and cancellation again. Don't forget, it is Jetstar, "always late or cancel". Its behavior is exactly the same as Tigerair when it first started. May be it wants to go the Tiger way and goes down the drain.

We’ve finally flown back to

We’ve finally flown back to Sydney after being delayed then cancelled overnight on two International Jetstar flights in two weeks. The first being Cairns to Tokyo and the second Phuket to Sydney. Both flights were to be on Boeing Dreamliners and I believe the Bali flights are also on Dreamliners. It’s my belief and only a hunch just now that they are having maintenance issues with their Dreamliners. They are nice planes to fly in but they have had issues with their RR Trent 1000 engines, just google search and see. I’m not saying this is definitely the cause but I’m asking Jetstar for more information, it’s ridiculous they ruined the start and end of our holiday. It seems to me there are far too many cancelled flights from Jetstar at the moment and it needs investigating.

I have experienced jetstars

I have experienced jetstars cancellation policy first hand, im currently in bali and was meant to fly home on the .01.02.19 only to recieve an email stating mechanical issues with our flight, im feeling a little relieved as i took out travel insurance, but now faced with finding alternative accomadation which i did
But as i was unable to fly home for another two days as all the next flights were booked out. So that being all said i check out of my hotel and on my way to airport i get another email saying my 2nd flight has also been cancelled for the same reasons???? So now i have to re book another hotel plus drag all my luggage backwards and forwards, how can a company have so many mechanical/ maintenance issues??? Im still in bali and will be wondering if il get another email to say my 3rd attempt to leave has been successful or not? Its just not good enough, and wont ever fly with jetstar again.

I am sitting at bali’s

I am sitting at bali’s Airport having just been delayed another 2 hours for my flight to Melbourne.
This flight was supposed to originally be last night. I flew in from Lombok yesterday only to find an email saying flight cancelled. I
I had to find accommodation and carry luggage, board etc.
This is the end of my trip. The beginning started with my daughter and I having our flight cancelled and put back a day. We had to cancel our connecting flight to Lombok, accommodation and apologise to family who took us to airport.
My family’s flights to Hawaii in decry were both delayed several hours departing and returning.
My step father and his family had their departing flight from Melbourne delayed 3 days out of a 10 day holiday and then delayed on return. This was in January.
Maintenance problems they said every time. Sounds like either they need new maintenance people or they are just shuffling passengers around to fill planes.
Totally over it. You would think the parent company qantas would step in and least try to get passengers on their planes.
I suspect Alan Joyce wants it to die a corporate death and close his eyes to whole situation.
Fckn Jetstar.

Further to my last post.

Further to my last post. Jetstar sent me an email notifying of cancellation. The email also said accommodation has been arranged by Jetstar. All I need to do is ask customer service at airport. I tried to find someone at Denpasar airport to try to get another flight and to find out about accommodation.
There is no one at the airport until a flight is checking in. I couldn’t wait 2 hours.
Jetstar used to have an office at the airport. Must have closed because of all hassling from aggrieved Jetstar passengers.