cancelled flight

This carrier has no idea about customer service, staff must have missed customer service training day . or they dont teach it if I want to make a change to my flight it will cost me hughly, but jetstar dont give a shit they just cancel flights when they feel like it how can they cancel a flight that is 3 months away, so my flight is cancelled. has any one tried to call jetstar to say you are not happy, after 20 minutes you may be answered only to be hung up on by incompetent staff that cant redirect a call, so after another call the same happens and you cant talk to a manager, no use talking to any one else cant understand them any way. there 13 no is the only contact or email they might reply in a couple of weeks but no help they say i have choice, refund or another flight i choose an early flight am, i had a choice of about 6 for the day now there is only 1 pm no good . and a refund is now no good because at the time of booking i could of used other carriers at the same price. but now as it gets closer the fare goes up so to change carriers would be double. not happy again tried to call cut off again . i know they have a lot of complaints that it takes a week to reply. but get an australian call centre I got on to head office today only to be told she would get some one to call. may be one day . on the bottom of the letter it says hope we can welcome you aboard. ha what a lot of crap i will never travel with them again crooks crooks crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



wake up to yourself and oh

wake up to yourself and oh why dont you fly with qantas? oh yes yes im sure you be happy with qantas .
You not that smart aint you sweet heart. qantas owns jetstar and jetstar are the same people as qantas you idiot. So why fly with jetstar ? please next time you go on holidays or such make sure you choose JETSAVER and not jetsaver light u foolish dull.

you idiot jetstar worker, i

you idiot jetstar worker, i know qantas own jetstar i called them as well they are just as bad. why dont you say who you are, ha ha ha im glad i pushed your buttons ha ha ha

Anonymouse I bet your one of

I bet your one of these nasty blondies who stand right next to the line who are useless wonders helpers.. how about you strap these buckles they look long on the runway check in you pathetic little sweet heart....
I will write a letter to ACA current afrairs to make a review about whats really hiden about jetstar and how they rip-everyone off.
Specialy when we are living currently in a time of crisis.

Hello Ansettlad.

Hello Ansettlad.

to anonmous:where did it say

to anonmous:where did it say she was going 2 fly qantas? What she is saying is true...jetstar cancells flights way 2 often. They have the worst customer service. most people i know always check virgin's price b4 jetstar's and are prepared to pay the extra $20 to know they are going to board and arrive on time. Why are you even in this forum...why would a customer even bother? Like what did jstar do for you that you need to defend them...get you there on time,didn't cancell your flight,gave you good cust. service? If they did you were lucky. Maybe you could start a web page where people could post about how good Jetstar is. Think of all the money you could make,advertisers love websites with lots of people hitting on them, Yeah good luck

I think there is a big issue

I think there is a big issue here? Jet star cancelles flights too frequently and they do not care . It has cost me lot of time and sleep.

I like to know from all who has suffred same to collectivley talk to Jet start Management , who are the customers?