Cancelled flight in the middle of Xmas holidays season due to airlane fault and no alternatives

Xmas time, 22nd December. flight to Bali from Melbourne was cancelled without any compensation or info, just saying due to technical reasons. Over 1 hour on the phone, still nothing. They offer alternative flights only after holidays season, which of course is unreasonable - we all have jobs. And after holiday season should be different prices
Find out jetstar has the worst terms and conditions, when they are not accountable for compensation or refund of cancelled flights, even by airplane fault.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


I had the same woke up today

I had the same woke up today to find email saying flight cancelled due to engineering fault
Was told no option to change
Told them bullshit still advertising earlier flights at more expensive price .
%&><€¥£ α_&%√€...`😡
Pissed off
And accc taken them to court over that shit
Has anyone got a refund

Try posting something on

Try posting something on their website or contact their complaints section.

Guessing this is the

Guessing this is the connection flight from our delayed JQ8 from Singapore - Melbourne --- 33 hour delay and eventually cancelled!
Simple = Jetstar never again!

Anyone else from the flight?

Anyone else from the flight? Contact me, we have to take actions together to get compensation.