Cancelled flight reappears with a new flight number!

Jetstar, if you don't want to offer a cheap service, then don't!

I booked early to get to see the eclipse in Cairns on 14th November 2012.
I got a call saying my flight had been cancelled.
After only a few minutes of conversation it was established that Jetstar had cancelled my overbooked flight (how an automated seat allocating system can do this I don't know!) and now a new flight had appeared with the same departure time but a new flight number! It was, of course, booked out. I wonder how many of the passengers bought cheap tickets for that one?! My guess is none. The flight offered to me is at 6.00am the same day before I start work.

I just checked the others (and Jetstar) for a new flight on that evening and, because the day is close, the prices are all three times more expensive.

Thanks for nothing Jetstar.



I have had the same thing

I have had the same thing happen. Just emailed an itinerary with my flight having changed to three days later - I was due to arrive 11 November to Cairns and they re-booked me onto a flight for the 14th - miss the eclipse!!! I also booked a month ago. I see Qantas has plenty of flights ont he 11 Nov (Jetstar have now only two which are unavailable, when I booked they had at least half a dozen). Qantas has direct Melbourne - Cairns flights with jetstar as the carrier and prices of $1500. Obviously demand is so great that all budget fare travellers have been dumped and have to pay over 500% to fly with the same airline under a different company branding. I am so disgusted. A single parent who has saved for this holiday and booked all transfers and accommodation. I am so frustrated unable to talk to management in Australia. What can we do collectively?? Get a Current Affiars to cover?

laughable. i dont understand

laughable. i dont understand why so many people fall for this scam and fly jetstar!
they charge what they want for tickets (ive got it on good authority that the ticketing staff are told to do so...), offer absolutley no service in flight and are as rude as all fuckin shit fuck to every fuckin customer!
they knew exactly what they were doing when they scammed you in the arse with this wheep-a-woo. so many people have fallen for it before so they think they can do it again.
next time, please fly a BETTER and more reliable airline.