cancelled jetstar flight

our flight to the gold coast was cancelled at late notice, our replacement flight is 10 hours later, we will now miss our commitments, we were tolled that it was cancelled due to bad weather? 11.00pm at nite for a 10.05 am flight, flights before and after were flying, I think it was due to lac of numbers, how ever we booked this flight on 2/3/2019, total disregard for there customers.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Australia-Gold Coast


I wonder how many future

I wonder how many future customers you lose to charge $65 for a couple of kilo overweight on board especially for people who have extra weight available with stored luggage. Not sure who the greatest rip off is. You or Tiger. Bad customer PR managers of this company.

So after myself and many others got slugged for $65.00 all for the pleasure of sitting on the f#*king tarmac because we need to taxi back in because of technical issues.