cannot unsubscribe from Jetstar Spam

The Unsubscribe link does not work and I have tried a number of times to contact them to stop spamming me ... I now live in Europe... I won't be taking any flights with them. They ignore my repeated requests and this is highly illegal in Europe.
If people wish to join me in a class action process against their illegal activities, please come back to me.
It's reprehensible and illegal and they should be made to pay for their behaviour...


There was recently a 67 year

There was recently a 67 year old from Sydney that flew to Melbourne and they refused his return flight home as he was overweight...It was on Seven News...I'm sure he would be interested in coming the way this poor man was in a wheelchair and had been for many years due to a stroke...absolutely disgusting that an elderly person is treated that way...I will never fly with you again nor will any family members...SHAME ON YOU JETSTAR 😡😡😡