Carry on baggage stolen from above our heads Jetstar

Be warned
Had our bag stolen from on board compartment
We placed 2 bags above us
These were the ONLY bags above us
We didn’t go to our baggage the whole flight u til landing
Then one bag was missing and two smaller bags of someone else’s replaced
All my gift and Xmas shopping gone
Can’t be replaced as bought only unique items
Jetstar said
Can’t find it .... sorry
NO guidance or help or pointers in the right direction to go look for it or report it
Had to do it all ourselves
Flight attendants walked through the carousel area within 10 minutes
Must of been too keen to get home
Still no bag found or handed in
So dissapointed with the lack of customer care or care of duty
Was disgusting to say the least
Thought more about it after the event and just got angrier at the thought
At the time I was too busy running around the airport looking at everyone’s luggage to see if they had mine
Horrid way to end a holiday
Thanks Jetstar

Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City


Jetstar dissapointed

Jetstar dissapointed
Thieves stealing from above your head now
Be careful peeps

Jetstar dissapoinnet

Jetstar dissapointed
Thieves on planes

It's better to place your

It's better to place your stuff on the other side of the isle, where you can see easier what's happening to it.

Once I witnessed some Chinese lady frequently getting into the overhead locker, but bringing down nothing.

Theft does happen up there.