Carry on bags

At a loss to know how bags weighed and tagged as ok on one flight suddenly gain over 3kgs on the next flight. Then they want to charge $60 to upgrade your ticket. I packed and weighed very carefully to avoid any issues evan wore heavier clothing on return flight. So bag should have been lighter. Oddly when I went back for a re weigh after doing nothing to lighten the bag but made it quite clear I wasn't paying my bags were within the weight limit. Do they have a quota to meet or do they need to re calibrate their scales. Either way comes across as a scam.



Carry on bags

Carry on bags

My business partner and I

My business partner and I were boarding Jetstar and had our carry on weighed.

We were 2.5 kg over and 1.0 over

My partner offered to take my computer bag as we would be one over and one under.

They refused our last minute swap and charged my credit card at the gate.

Cost $120.

On board we realised we could have thrown bottled water we had purchased bringing us nearly under.

Moving forward our business has now issued a don’t book policy.

Net loss is a dozen plus staff not using qantas or Jetstar both domestically and internationally.

Our businesses decision to vote with your feet

thieves is the only word I

thieves is the only word I have for jetstar. Long story short, lost bag found and was told everything was in the bag but when time to collect the wallet with cash was missing. Jetstar claim is not their responsibilities, but it was found and registered as having all items then the wallet was missing and is not their fault! I have always travelled jetstar interstate but will reconsider now.