Change fees - ridiculous

2 months prior to my flight, I need to change the date of my initial flight. Jetstar informed me that there would be a change fee of $80,-, per passenger. Even though all the passengers are on the same booking, and I assume the change is as simple as a few clicks in a computer system. It gets to the point where my initial ticket was 85$ one-way, but if I want to change the existing ticket it will end up costing me 112$ per passenger, yet when I book a new flight I can get it for 105$???? ARE YOU SERIOUS JETSTAR, stop being a douche and stop charging these ridiculous fees to change dates. It's not like i am trying to change my flight an hour before and you lose out on the seats.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


We booked in July from Gold

We booked in July from Gold Coast to Melbourne for a 6.30 am flight. On the 1 October we were sent an email to tell us the flight had been cancelled. We could re-book at 8.00 am. We are going down at Xmas time to see our Granddaughter and our time with her is very precious to us. So, we rang us and said that this did not suit us and we could get a flight with Virgin for 7.00 am which did suit us. We requested a refund. We completed the claim form on the phone. At not time were we told we could not have a refund. After several emails and contacting the Airline Customer Advocate we received an email telling us that there was no refund as under Section 9.1 of their conditions of carriage it states that flight times do not form part of their contract. Also the staff member I talked to on the 1 October did not guarantee the refund. All she had to do was tell us there was no refund at the time and we would not have booked and paid for another airline ticket that day. We have now put in a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading. Hopefully they will have more success. I am hoping that a current affair program picks up on Jetstar's many complaints.