Change of itinerary

I had flights booked to Melbourne from Brisbane at 10.50am on the Friday before Christmas. Today I received an email from Jetstar advising me that the flight is now departing at 6.25pm. 8 hours later!!! Arriving in Melbourne at 9.45pm! We have a three and a half hour train trip to add to that to get to our destination - hence the early flight. I am of the understanding that many flights have been changed. I waited 58 minutes on the phone to get to speak to a person. The best they could offer me was another date OR a refund. Pardon! This is the Friday before Christmas.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


booked flight to melbourne 3

booked flight to melbourne 3 months ago for surprise party on saturday night 22/10/11 had early flight so had time to book into hotel and get to party before the main guest got there. get text from jetstar 12 hours from departure that we were now booked on 23/10/11 been on phone for 2 hours but just got screwed over showed no interest or understanding virgin australia here we come

I have had my itinerary

I have had my itinerary changed 3 times in the last 6 months drastically effecting my travel plans. I'll never book Jetstar if I need to be in control of the length of my stay.