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My family had booked a holiday to Hawaii leaving on the !st of January we are a family of 6 and where taking two people with us 2 weeks ago we were made aware that one of those people could no longer travel therefore my mother In-law offered to reimburse this 22 year old uni student his $1400.00 and take his seat on the plane and pay the $75 fee to change the booking name But oh no it was going to be $1631 to do that apparently in this techno world we live in you can't just change a name you have to cancel the booking the rebook but at the current price $3k this is daylight robbery we arnt changing days times flight just a different bum on a seat

Funny how last year when we had our flight changed with6 hours notice we got a $8.00 voucher each didn't even buy a meal but cost us another night accommodation

Two years prior 12 hour delay in Perth coming home from Bali same thing $8.00 voucher

4 Years ago 1 hour notice for a 4 hour delay to Tasmania $5.00 voucher back then missed the opening ceremonies of my daughters state rep team

if it only cost you $8.00 to change a flight change me the same or send me the link I'm happy to fill in the changes i have a spare 10 min to change first name middle name surname passport number flight details not really rocket science


Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
United States-Honolulu


Yet you still fly with them.

Yet you still fly with them. Truly amazing!

It was the only flights that

It was the only flights that worked for all 8 people it was out of desperation

That, of course, is exactly

That, of course, is exactly what Jetstar is counting on ... they appear to make their living screwing the desperate. We would have to get more than desperate to ever fly Jetstar again. There are too many reasonably-priced, customer-oriented airlines around for us to risk flying with this Bait-and-Switch airline. It even makes me question whether we should consider flying with their owner, Qantas.

New to this site.

New to this site.

JunkStar/ScumStar/ScamStar chose your pick needs challenging.

Anyone up for a fight -- political via ACC? I wonder if enough, even a possible Class Action for unconscionable and misleading conduct under the Fair Trading Act(s)?

Please circulate this around -- I'm game. Where's that almost dead ANZAC Spirit?????

I hate companies (and politicians who allow them) that behave in an un-Australian manner and damage our country.

Happy to correspond.