This is what I sent JetStar:

Listen here JetStar your flights aren't cheap so don't make it look like we get what we paid for we paid $700 to fly 1 hour 25 minutes from Sydney To Gold Coast My Wife and 3 kids. We do not have passports since we are not regular travelers so we decided to go to Gold Coast for a holiday. Thinking we where booking a domestic flight they would all depart from the domestic terminal No Shit? Actually they depart from the international terminal funny one international terminal and a domestic terminal we are flying domestic obviously we would expect to be departing from a domestic terminal?!?!?!?!

NOW I was told by JetStar it would cost $500 to swap to a flight that is departing from the domestic terminal from Sydney! We will be taking this to consumer affairs as we can not board our flight and your product is not fit for the purpose for which we purchased it!!!

Our hotel booking is on Wednesday we expect something done ASAP!!



Just to add the customer

Just to add the customer service lady gave us the wrong info you don't need passports on the international terminal.

Shame on Jetstar! This is the

Shame on Jetstar!
This is the cop out they use all the time "you get what you pay for!"
WELL We paid $950 for 2 return flights Perth to Bali....would have been cheaper with Garuda or even via Singapore!
Jetstar cancelled the outbound flight without explanation 12 hours before departure. We lost one night of our 5 star hotel booking...luckily we could get a flight with Virgin the next day...but had to pay $500!
Jetstars reply....'you will have to claim on your travel insurance for the lost hotel night'. Are you SERIOUS??
I have been a loyal Qantas customer since 1993, member of Qantas club, but now so many Qantas routes are only available with Jester I will be cancelling my 20 years of loyal QFF membership and remembering the mantra ....DONT FLY JETSTAR!!

The sole responsibility for this mess of an airline rests on the worst manager ever...Alan Joyce ...who is now destroying Qantas.