Changed flights - lost baggage

Returning to Perth from Bangkok I chose flights (3K512-Bangkok to Singapore & 3K111 Sing' to Perth) home that included 5 hr stop in Singapore to take my wife for lunch in the city, this changed when they changed our flight (3K516 Bangers to singers & JQ115 Singers to Perth via Jakarta).
On checking in at Bangers I asked for the Singers to Perth leg boarding passes but they said they couldn't issue them.
In Singers we had to go to Transfer C desk where we waited for 30 mins to be attended to to get the boarding passes.
It was then that I noticed our original flight was on the departures screens so I asked about the original flight from Bangers that had changed and they said it had flown as scheduled. Originally I was sympathetic to the change as sometimes these things happen. But when I paid and chose my seats 5 mths in advance there was heaps of seats left so what was the process by which we were chosen to be bumped? I'm guessing they oversold the flight but why would't the last to purchase pay the price of being bumped? Anyway on leaving transfer C I noticed that my wife & I were sitting 11 rows apart - back in the line getting angry & hungry by this stage & running out of time to get a feed before our flight departed.
Half an hr later seat issue sorted - well done.
Once we were on the flight we were informed we would be going to Jakarta to pick up more passengers but we would be stopping for 35 mins and would remain onboard.
Wrong only 9 of this flights pax were continuing to perth and were asked to stay onboard until all the other pax had got off. Then we were escorted by security off the flight & hAd to go thru immigration and then back thru customs were our hand luggage was xrayed then at the boarding ramp they were physiccally inspected. OK again procedures out of Jetstars control. But they were wrong to suggest we'd be stopping for 35 mins and would remain on the plane - it was an hr and we had to get off.
Heres the best part. The original 9 were the last standing at the Perth baggage carousel you can guess why.
Yep no bagage.
Suffice to say Jetstar don't sort lost baggage themselves they outsource to a company in the Philipines - Hallmark.
When you ring the skywest 131538 # I was on hold for 71mins only to be cut when I was to be transfered to Hallmark.
I eventully got that Hallmarks # 1800687374 after being on hold for a further 55 mins.
I was then on hold for 47mins when ringing hallmark they wanted a ref # which wasn't supplied to us.
What was supplied was a Perth # 94757209 which you can call between 10-11 am or 8-9pm but you'll be told to ring the 131 538 # at which point you'll be on hold to try to get Hallmarks #
I can no longer continue this speil coz I'm over it.
In short our bags have been snatched by opportunists in Jakarta and i doubt we'll be seeing them again & skywest have been extremely lacking in their systems in dealing with this.
They don't know where they are yet how hard can that be to know that is the last place they were - it's all bar coded and scanned at each point of arrival/depature.
Low cost airline yep high frustration you bet.
So best of luck to you if you choose to fly Jetstar.
Ps while on hold to Hallmark you'll be treated to continuous repeats of Sinatra's, Come Fly With Me. Not frigging likely!!!!!



That was quite amusing to

That was quite amusing to read. Thank you.

did u ever get ur things

did u ever get ur things back?same thing happend to things ddn't arrive in perth until this time.i dn't know who else to contact & ask for help.they only said that my things are gone.they couldn't find them.i only had my passport & camera w/ me.i hope someone out there can help me too.thnks

How about the ACCC, this

How about the ACCC, this airline is out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!