Charge fluctuations

I dunno if anyone else has seen this but the assholes keep changing the price of the flights after multiple bookings. I'm trying to book this flight on two different credit cards - the second flight went up $60 after I booked the first one 3 minutes ago. WTF. Who is supposed to be regulating these pricks? They're not doing their job. Is there some sort of way the Jetstar website algorythim hikes up prices when a particular flight appears to be booking out quickly?



Yes, of course. I suspect

Yes, of course. I suspect they do it on purpose. It just randomly fluctuates. The unlucky ones don't think to refresh the page and try again. These pricks are fucking snakes. They will try any means they can to squeeze a few more dollars out of you.

Hahahaha ! Yeah it's a random

Hahahaha !

Yeah it's a random generator for sure !

Erm, NO... As with all airlines, as seats sell out they go up in price....

bwahaHAhhaaaa...sorry if you

bwahaHAhhaaaa...sorry if you were a bit slo on the uptake Travis...seats do sell out in a given time frame...but im guessing you still fly Jetstar dont ya Travis...