Child and mother stayed cold night on street as Laptop and tablet carry on luggage

Jetstar staff at Gold Cast did not allow me and my eight year old to board our flight at 6:55pm as I did not accept to pay excess for my small laptop and my daughters tablet which were both in a small back pack. I told them this was not considered carry on luggage on my inward flight! They told me that auckland airport had made a mistake!
Jetstar delayed our flight for 5 days which we were informed after waiting overnight in cold outside gold coast airport on street! As the airport doors closed from 11pm-3:50am! A fact that I was not aware but Jetstar staff were!

At about 4am I was told that Jetstar kindly has waived additional rebooking fees! and next available flight is next week! I asked them if I could fly to any NZ cities! They refused and told me the flight has to be point to point!

Australia-Gold Coast
New Zealand-Auckland


Should have paid for your

Should have paid for your excess, problem would have been solved on the spot, alternatively don't be over your carry on limits

Nick! I paid no excess

Nick! I paid no excess travelling with the same carry on 4days later without paying excess!
Jetstar advertises cheap tickets but tticks passengers into paying excess!
I need to add that my friend boarded the plane that evening without weighing her hand bag and so did we four days later!