Children abandoned

On 2 April I booked a flight for my 2 granddaughters to visit me for the school holidays in Byron Bay.
At the time of booking I rang Jetstar to specifically explain their ages (13 and 9)
and was told they would be ok to travel as long as the older could show her school
pass to prove she attends high school. She could then be the escort for the younger one.
I very carefully explained this , their ages and that they would be travelling without
any other adult. I was assured this would be acceptable. Today, 8 April, when they arrived at
the checkin in Sydney the younger one was refused boarding with the excuse that the older one had
to be 15 or older. Never had this been mentioned before, I can only assume that today's version of Jetstar's rules changed since my call on April 2. As a result, a 9 year old's holiday
has been spoiled (major issue for a 9 year old), both girls are upset, tickets I bought
for other outings like Seaworld are now be wasted, in all a very poor performance
from Jetstar. Needless to say, Jetstar is no longer on my list of airlines.

Australia-Ballina Byron


Whilst I have not really ever

Whilst I have not really ever had a bad experience with Jetstar apart from my luggage being damaged on 2 occasions sustained on flights from Bangkok. I recently flew Jetstar Pacific from Ho Chi Minh City to Danang, and the age and condition of the aircraft made me feel very insecure, the terminal bus transported us to what appeared to be a very old Chinese or Russian plane with a basic paint job to cover the old airlines identification with new Jetstar signage over the top.

The interior of the plane and seats seemed to be covered with years of grime and I wondered if similar attention was given to aircraft maintenance. I returned by Vietnam Airlines as a result of this experience rather than book with Jetstar. I would otherwise continue to fly Jetstar as I think their service has been fair enough for the lower cost.