class action about fees

Hi everyone, booked 2 flights between melb and launceston , each flight cost 49 dollars plus jetstars expensive charges .. I had to change the flights and went online and found 2 new flight , also 49 dollars each. Went to change them to find the alteration fees were 100 dollars..

Now I remember when we all complained about banks and there excessive fees, how about some lawyers work out how we can launch a class action concerning jetstar's excessive fees

in the meantime dont fly..

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


I don't fly jetstar because

I don't fly jetstar because of an issue I had and all the rest I've heard and read about, but this time they are just being the same as other airlines who charge $50 0r $100 to change flights. You want to change, this time it's cheaper and easier to buy new tickets. Grab them before they increase in price

I don't fly jetstar because I

I don't fly jetstar because I am disabled. Qantas who own jetstar don't fly the common route I fly - Christchurch to Melbourne. Ironically both Qantas and partner Emirates fly Christchurch to Sydney but neither do Christchurch to Melbourne since Qantas gave the route to Jetstar when it started Jetstar.