Class Action Law Suit

I think the only possible way to get any attention from Jetstar is to start a class action against them to help get money back that they have stolen from people.
If you have documented evidence & would be interested in a class action against Jetstar please comment to give an idea of numbers to get started.
The larger the numbers the better it will be but once you go down this road it must be followed up.
I'm certain there will be thousands of customers that have been ripped off & want justice.



Steve, Good on you mate for


Good on you mate for trying to do something about it. However, a law suite is very expensive and time consuming process. I just took Jetstar to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (formerly Small Claims Court) and won. Costs very little to lodge an application, no lawyers involved and much less time consuming and very quick. And believe me if my experience is anything to go by, Jetstar will do anything to avoid a tribunal hearing. It is a very expensive and a major inconvenience for them. They will also be much more reluctant to take hundreds of individuals than a hundreds joined in class action. They have in house lawyers that they will try an grind you down until to run out of puff and money. In a tribunal though they cannot use council to represent them. They must send a staff for defence. I wish you good luck in any case.