Cleanliness, flight attendants' attitude and flight schedule - ALL FAILED!

I was taking flight 3K687 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on last Sunday (15/12).

Here are the bad experiences I had from JETSTAR:
Cleanliness - I believed someone was vomited on the toilet bowl cover and it was not cleaned properly. The smell and stain were so visible once you have entered the toilet.

Flight attendants' Attitude - In service line, we should know the terms 'Customers always right'. I saw it with my bare eyes that a flight attendant was speaking rudely to the passenger when he purchased a cup of maggie mee during this short flight. The flight attendant warned him the landing time is left 30 mins and asked him whether he still insist to purchase it. That's RUDE!

Flight Schedule - The arrival time has been delayed ONE hour without informing. Unlike other airlines, any delay they will keep updating the status to make sure the passengers aware of it.



The customer is not always

The customer is not always right, at least on a plane. What if a passenger insisted on the flight attendant opening a door while taxiing to the terminal? What if a passenger insisted on touching a flight attendant's breast? The crew have to begin preparation for landing around 15-30 minutes out depending on length and type of flight so they have plenty of work to do. They don't need some prick getting in their face for some food when the cabin is being prepared for safety issues.
I flew long haul on Jetstar and never again. Plane was old, smelly and dirty and man I hate their uniforms. Incidentally, were free aware of the dirty toilet? If not did someone mention it to them? Still, toilets are part of the crews job to monitor.