A company of liars and thieves by omission

My friend and I tried to book a return flight to Honolulu on line with Jetstar. We made the booking toge.. ther at the same time with identical extras. When we got the costings hers were $180.00 less than mine. When I questioned this I was told tough luck put up with it. Also we were not given our combined costs until 24 hours after my friend had given Jetstar her credit card number. Isn't that illegal as they can take whatever they like from her credit card account? Just beware.... never ever use Jetstar and we have not even got to the airport yet

United States-Honolulu


When you do get to the

When you do get to the airport, beware the Jetstar baggage escalation practices. The "at-airport" baggage fees can be as much as 10 times the "before airport" baggage fees. Always pre-pay your baggage before getting to the airport (if they let you) ... or better still just Don't Fly Jetstar in the first place.

Well said Leanne. We too have

Well said Leanne. We too have experienced similar problems as you have mentioned in your post. I also want to warn anyone who needs support in filling out their flight details, DO NOT click on the"Help centre" or the "virtual assistant." They will charge astronomical fees for their service and are not upfront about them. We were fleeced for nearly $200. Not happy!